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    Does anyone know if you are able to replace the speedometer and tachometer from the ex-l to have the SI clusters so it’s all red inside?
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  3. Terrible stains in tan cloth seats

    Interior Problems
    My tan seats are covered with some stains from water. I have tried to clean them with upholstery cleaners without any success; it gets worse! We also have tan cloth seats in our 2010 Honda Civic and have never had this problem. As a matter of fact, those seats are cleaner than the new car´s...
  4. i have no idea what caused this (electrical)

    Interior Problems
    Ok, so it started yesterday. I wired in in LEDs to my rear running lights. everything worked fine and i drive around with them all night. this morning i get up and go to move my car around and i notice i no longer have rear running lights. brake lights and everything else works. And when i get...
  5. 2014 Honda Civic Sedan Bulb Reference List

    Interior mods
    2014 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan Bulb Reference List So.... I couldn't find this or the information was so scattered when I searched. Here is what I came up with from taking my bulbs out/searching/reading my owner's manual. 2014 Honda Civic Coupe/Sedan Bulb List: Exterior High Beam: HB3/9005 60W...
  6. Brightest Interior Dome Lights?

    Hello everyone! I recently bought interior dome lights off of amazon for my 2013 4 door Civic Si. I went and bought red since the rest of the interior has a red glow, but they were a lot dimmer than I was expecting. I was wondering if anyone knew of any brands of the T10 bulbs that are...
  7. Can't find the fuse for interior dome light..help?

    Wow.. I tried to put in LED in the dome light and all my interior map lights just stopped working. And for some reason, I have no idea which fuse is for the dome lights. Any help? (2013 SI)
  8. Some interior mood lighting

    I used to have a 2012 focus (don't ask) and it had a cool feature which was ambient lighting that you could change to any of, lets say 6 colors. Also you could adjust the brightness of these lights and it just made the car look really nice at night. Is there anything i can do to my civic si that...
  9. LED Glow Interior Lights Issue

    So, ive had the million color kit installed for a few weeks now. Recently, its been randomly flashing white once or twice, even when the kit is off, as well as turning itself off when its on. At first it was seldom and I didnt think much of it, but its happening more and more often. I have it...
  10. Opinion question about LED lighting

    Hi there, I guess I should technically be posting this at the 8th gen site since my Civic LX is a 2009 but I can't get that site to work for some reason. Anyway, I have the LEDGlow Million Color from NJ. Very satisfied with this product. I have 4x 8 LED strips under the dashboard for the two...
  11. Polish Interior

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Just polish my interior today and looks much better than before .
  12. Armrests.... Door and center console.

    Interior mods
    Long time, first time.. I bought my 12' Civic EX about a year ago, and the fabric on the door armrests and center console is looking not so great. I plan on getting seat covers soon but was wondering for the arm rests, any ideas? Does any one know what is under the fabric? If its black plastic I...
  13. Dealer installed interior ambient lighting (blue) - has anyone had installed?

    I did a search and didn't see anything, sorry if I overlooked it, but I am wondering if anyone has ever had the dealer installed "blue ambient" interior lighting installed? If so, what all mods had to be made to the car? Do they have to do any additional wiring, or are these pre-wired for this...
  14. How to take apart interior panels?

    Interior Problems
    If there is already a thread on it just redirect me...title says is all. Thanks, Rob. (2012 Si) (coupe)
  15. Dumb Question About Interior Lighting

    Probably a really stupid question but on the LX sedan is there illumination on the following when the headlights are turned on: (1) the turn stock and the windshield washer stock, and (2) the door window and lock buttons. Also, is there illumination on the ignition key hole in the dark? Thanks!
  16. 2013 EX-L interior door and dash in 2012 EX-L

    Interior mods
    Ok I did some looking over on a new 2013 EXL at a local dealership .The new interior pieces look like they will fit in my 12. EXL. The only problem is how much will the switch cost.And where could I find the 2013 door panels and dash panel
  17. 2013 Honda Civic Refresh is Better in All Ways, Almost

    Honda & Civic News
    Taking criticism to heart, Honda has rolled out a refreshed version of its popular Civic model just one model year after the original launched. Given less than favorable reviews by many and even blacklisted by Consumer Reports, Honda took the unprecedented move of re-jigging the Civic to meet...
  18. 2013 Honda Civic Interior Photos Spied

    Honda & Civic News
    It won’t be officially unveiled until later this week at the LA Auto Show, but with cars already parked on dealer lots, it was only a matter of time before more photos of the new 2013 Honda Civic hit the net. And here they are, including the first pictures of the refreshed Civic’s interior...
  19. Lets see your interior LEDs!

    wanting to see what everyone has done for interior led lighting. any crazy creations?
  20. Color Swap Interior?

    Interior mods
    I have an LX sedan and hate how light the interior color is. I would much prefer a black interior but to my knowledge the Si is the only one that gets that. I have nerve damage issues that won't allow me drive a stick for anyone who suggests "why didn't get just get an Si" :D I considered...