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  1. Steering Issues

    Suspension & Brakes
    Hey guys I have searched many hours to see if someone else has my issue but cant seem to find a solution. I drive a 2013 Si sedan currently with ktuned coilovers(only drove maybe 2,000 miles on coils) and spc rear camber kit on stock wheels and tires. Car always drove like a champ and felt...
  2. IMID, HDMI + Iphone

    Interior Problems
    I am having an issue with my IMID Display when I connect my iPhone using the HDMI + Lightning + USB adapter connector. The issue is that only the Left Half of my display is on. The Right Half of my IMID Display remains entirely black when I have my iPhone connected. I've used 3 different iPhone...
  3. Buddy Club Downpipe Doesn't Fit Onto Stock Catback

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey everyone, I recently bought a used Buddy Club downpipe. Upon installation, I saw the flange for the downpipe simply does not line up with the OEM Catback. When two bolt holes are aligned, the other doesn't. Has anyone else had this problem? Anyone have suggestions? I have gotten it to work...
  4. All civic owners check your top corners of windshield and weatherstrip please?

    Exterior Problems
    Check your top corners of windshield and weatherstrip please? This goes for all 2013's. Maybe 12? I think 14 and 15' models may be too recent. Anyways, my 2013 civic EX sedan I've had for 3 years now, I noticed the very top of the windshield, on both corners (see red arrows in pic below)-the...
  5. HID Fog Light Issue - 2015 Si Coupe

    Hi all, I switched both low beam headlights and fogs to 55W HID and the ballast on the passenger side fog keeps dying for some reason. I have replaced it twice but it seems to stop working after about 30 minutes or so of being on. Has anyone had a similar issue? It seems odd that only one fog...
  6. DC Sports Short Ram Intake Idle Issue

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    I just installed my DC Sports Short Ram Intake and its great, you can really hear the vtec kick in now! However, I notice that after disengaging a gear and letting the rpms fall, the RPMs stop at 1 then will rev itself up to 1.2 then drop to normal idle rpms. I reset my battery and let the car...
  7. Rear Toe Alignment Issue.

    Suspension & Brakes
    I know my end result after my alignment is still funky... and might be hated on for whatever reason. As for the front camber that's way off. I'm not running front camber bolts, but i plan to soon. The guy who did my alignment said the 2 sides aren't identical because my preload was off or i...
  8. single broken headlight

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi everyone, so I installed some garbage HIDs lol and my passenger side headlight stopped working with the HID bulb after a month. Fixed it by finding a burnt fuse. I decided to take the HID kit out and replace it with the OEM halogens with new fuses. the Halogens worked for about a week and the...
  9. HELP!! Limp mode, CEL, check all systems, after dyno tune w/RBC + PRL kit

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hey guys, gotta reach out for some help here. I just got PRL kit installed with RBC and ZDX TB. It was tuned to 224hp + 191 torque, sounded good on the dyno, too. As soon as I take it out, after winding out a couple gears to see what my mods have got me, i was turning around and as I...
  10. Not sure where this issue is...

    ECU Tuning
  11. LED DLR Issue

    So i recently got the LED DRL kit from ijdmtoy including the decoder harness. The install was farily straight foward however i have bigger hands and had to take the battery out to get to the harness on the light. For those wondering, you do lose the ability of your high beams.. For anybody...
  12. Flashpro Issue

    ECU Tuning
    Ok, so I am posting this as I am doing research on it in hopes my questions get answered quickly. I just received my FlashPro about an hour ago and installed everything on my desktop, my net-book died on me so I have to use the desktop. When running the vehicle selections, the 2012+ Civic is...
  13. LED Glow Interior Lights Issue

    So, ive had the million color kit installed for a few weeks now. Recently, its been randomly flashing white once or twice, even when the kit is off, as well as turning itself off when its on. At first it was seldom and I didnt think much of it, but its happening more and more often. I have it...
  14. LED reverse lights issue for si coupe

    I located the reverse lights; however, i cant pull it out. is there an another to pull that out ? by force? or twist it ?
  15. Happy New Civic Si owner...looking for an update on the Iphone 5 bluetooth issue.

    New Member Introductions
    I am very happy with my new Si. I am curious if anyone has found a solution to the bluetooth compatibility issue with Iphone 5?
  16. '12 Si coupe low idle issue

    Drivetrain Problems
    Today out of nowhere I was at a stoplight and my car started shaking and backfiring slightly from the exhaust. The idle is at about 700 rpm. Everything else is normal and I drove home without a problem. The problem only occurs at a complete stop. Has anyone else had a similar issue?
  17. My first issue on my new Civic - what is this noise?

    Exterior Problems
    You think this is because it's new and it'll go away? or should I have it checked? It is NOT a big deal, but I was wondering. SOMETIMES, and that's the worst issues, doesn't happen all the time. If the trunk has been closed for a long time, when I open it and then close it, on the way down I...
  18. Retrofit issue

    I have a retrofit on my rsx-s and when I hit my blinker (only sometimes) they shut off and immediately turn back on. I am not sure when this started but I noticed it after I had my stereo installed. *Double din, amp, sub. Has anyone had a similar problem? The retrofit is only on my low beams...
  19. Afe takeda intake install issue

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    At the end of the install I have connected the rubber tube from the valve cover to the afe intake tube, however there are still breather and coolant tubes not connected that spit coolant if I turn the car on. No where in afe's directions do they mention these other tubes or what to do to stop...
  20. Front Bumper Issue

    Did anyone front bumper have this problem??? This is my driver side headlight This is my passenger side headlight The bumper is not fit perfectly with the passenger side headlight...