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  1. Ride of the Month
    Congratulations to goes out to RSX2Si and Marchael for winning the January 2013 Ride of the Month competition. RSX2Si - K24Z7 Winner Marchael - FB2/FG3 Winner Nice rides fellas!!
  2. Ride of the Month
    Here we are, yet another month! 9 contestants! Lets do this!! 1. Civi9 2. mikefg4 3. d_u_a_n_e 4. mikex18 5. k24_speed To be continued in next post below. 6. noodlechag 7. Canni 8. Hoot 9. RSX2Si
  3. Ride of the Month
    You guys know what to do by this time :) Click on the users name for further info! :D Here are the contestants! 1. Jbs2012civic 2. MOTOTIM 3. Marchael 4. jliu1234
  4. Ride of the Month
    Alright guys, this is month 6! Lets keep up the great progression! I'd love to have this month with more than 100 voters in the FB2/FG3 section, just like last month! GOOD NEWS! FB2/FG3 ROTM's are here to stay for 2013!! If you guys don't already know the rules, here's a brief...
  5. Ride of the Month
    Woohoo! It's month 7 for us! Submissions and voting has been very successful and we are getting more and more people each month! Keep up the great work on all the hype for ROTM :smile: We may be combining all Non-Si submissions here as well in the new year. FB2/FG3 Submissions are really...
1-5 of 5 Results