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jdm emblems
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  1. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I posted this in another thread as well, but I wanted to make sure everyone saw this. We've recently been seeing a lot of sellers out there who are marketing fake Honda JDM emblems as real genuine Honda parts (with fake Honda part # labels too). We just did a pretty long comparison video of the...
  2. Kplayground
    Pick up the colorful H Emblems today to match your rims and lug nuts! Available RED/BLUE/BLACK and YELLOW!! Our Front and Rear Emblems on Performance Auto & Sound Magazine 2013 Honda Civic SI sedan tuned by Honda project!
  3. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Kplayground Christmas Gift Set ~ JDM Style Emblems (front/rear and steering wheel) $98 shipped to 48 States!! PM or email [email protected] to order! Limited time offer ONLY!!
1-3 of 4 Results