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  1. Should I jump on this price?? And a couple other questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys I've been shopping for a new car for the last month. I'm considering the new Focus ST or possibly waiting for the fiesta ST. I went and took a look at a 12 si coupe last week. The dealer agreed to 20900 plus doc and TTL for a white base sedan they would have to trade for. Told them I'd...
  2. Jump Drive songs not loading

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So I use a flash drive for songs and for some reason when i load songs from my latop --> flash drive --->usb port, the songs i just loaded dont show up for a random amount of time. One example is that i loaded some songs on last week on monday, and they didnt show up on the i-mid till friday. i...
  3. Start Jump

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hi people, I got my new 2012 civic sedan about 3 months ago..but after a month or so (i think, not sure if it did it from the beginning)...when i put it on Drive, the car kind of jumps a little bit. Is this normal? Another thing is, when i make sharp turns, the wheels are making some weird...
  4. Truck Jump Fail

    Video Room
    A guy in his Chevy 3/4 ton pick up truck attempted to make it jump far enough to get onto a landing ramp and failed miserably, hitting the beginning of the landing ramp head on! You must watch the video to really see how epic it is since the bed of the truck managed to come off the frame...