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  1. Interior Problems
    Hi Everyone, I have a 2015 Honda civic LX 4dr sedan, manual transmission. I've been having this issue where I try to put in the key and it just doesn't go fully in the ignition. The key goes in a little and get stuck. This is the correct key I fiddle with it several times, trying to turn the...
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello, I need to get another key for my car. Dealer is asking about $85 for a basic key, and $120 for a key with a remote, which includes programing. Dealer will not cut an aftermarket key, which are plentiful and cheap on ebay. Do you know if locksmiths can cut this type of key? What about the...
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey guys, quick question... Has your civic's alarm ever gone off randomly? or the key locks but doesnt beep? I am having this issues where randomly, my alarm would go off.. I mean no cars next to me, random places around town, just randomly.... Also, whenever I lock my car, the car will beep...
  4. Interior Problems
    I lost one of our keys (2012 Civic LX) and I'd like to know other user's experiences for finding an inexpensive replacement. Is it true that I MUST go to a Honda dealer for the key and/or final cutting/programming? Is there any web site that can supply a complete key if I give them the codes...
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a 12 lx with only one key. Will letting the car warm up cause me to lock that key in the car?
  6. Interior Problems
    hey i have my Honda civic 2010, and by mistaken i have lost my car keys. my keys are immbolizer so i'll have to get the key code but i have consulted with 2 or more locksmith but they were unable to provide me key codes. so what can i do if anybody suggest me a cheaper way to get rid of this issue
  7. Interior Problems
    So this week when i put the car into park and try to take the key out of the ignition switch [ position 0 ] it wouldn't come out. I would literally have to sit for a couple minutes and struggle to take it out. Called dealership and told me to bring it in, but the problem disappeared once i got...
  8. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey everyone....I just bought a new Civic about a month and a half ago. I was an idiot and left the Key Number Tag with the barcode on it on the key ring that I use (they tell you to remove it and put it in a safe place). As a result, it broke and half of it is lost. Does anyone know if this...
  9. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    My dad uses my car when im on vacation and i found out of those scratches in the plastic int. near the ignition key hole maybe the key scratch in to it. Do you know something to hide or to protect it from scratches again? Any suggestion is welcome, thanks in advance....
  10. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, As I recall the blue economy light used to stay on for a while after the key was removed from the ignition. Is this the case for others and is it somehow adjustable? The interior dimming delay setting appears to have no effect on the behaviour of the light. Thanks, Paradoxum
  11. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Anyone else notice this most annoying "feature" ? I often have both hands full when I get home, usually taking things out of the back seat, so I need to leave the doors unlocked when I get out. It seems though, that I can't lock the doors with the fob while any of the doors are open (ie. while...
  12. Wheels and Tires
    I'm planning on powder coating or plastidipping my stock wheels, havent decided which one yet...but i'm also planning on buying some locking wheel lug nuts. what is the size i need to buy? are they 1.25 or 1.50?
  13. Interior mods
    Just a quick question. I'm wondering what keys come with the purchase. I am asking this because I had to ask to have my shifter handle release plug installed after seeing it by its lonesome on the salesman's desk after the salesman gave me my information; I guess this should have been done by...
  14. Interior Problems
    My friend has an accord where you can put down the windows by pressing the unlock the second time....can we do that with the si's?
  15. Drivetrain Problems
    I have two small issues with My new CIVIC 2012 EX-L: 1- The key is rather hot when I take it out of the ignition (is that normal?) 2- I think the factory alignment on my vehicle was not done well therefore my vehicle is swaying to the left a little and @ 65-75 MPH the steering shakes a tad...
  16. Downpipes and Exhausts
    yea yea i know its not out yet, but i felt like asking and getting this off my head lol......what brands have good exhaust systems that i may want to look into once the 9th gen civic comes out and their product comes out for it? a friend told me magnaflow was good, and i dont want any ricer...
1-16 of 20 Results