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  1. Civic 2013 LX SEDAN need body kits (front lip, side skirts, rear lip)

    Hi all, I just purchased the 2013 Civic LX SEDAN, and I'm looking for the body kits of this 2013 model. Not sure if the 2012 model will fit it. The 2013 body kit is not out yet I guess. Please let me know if anyone had found them. Thanks
  2. Import DPS Battery Relocation Kits / Now in Stock / Wrinkle Black $109 Shipped

    Import DPS
    As some of you may know, the original idea for a 3.5" Intake System, the OEM Battery Relocation Kit etc for the 8th was all my idea. I had plans of making the 9thgen stuff over a year ago and I am proud to say now we have our first batches ready to ship. They are Steel and are a very high...
  3. Lip kits, side skirts, and rear end underspoiler?

    Does anyone know, are these body kits typically installed at the factory or does the dealership install them when they receive the cars? I am considering purchasing a kit but worry about a botched job at the dealership.
  4. Megan Racing Full Coilover Kits / Authorized Distributor / Now Available @ Import DPS

    Import DPS
    Here at Import DPS we know that when it comes to saving money sometimes people sacrifice quality. Megan Racing has always been a brand that has very good, solid performing products without the big price tag. We have been an Authorized Megan Racing Distributor for over 6 years. Systems would...
  5. Sedan body kits , Front/Rear bumpers , Lips anything that looks good

    So I been wondering about body kits and etc if you guys got any nice please share it with the rest of us , please put a link below. Thanks : )
  6. SPC Rear Camber Kits / Now in Stock / Just $249 Shipped Lower 48 States!!

    Import DPS
    With the amount of suspension components being released for the 2012+ Civic Si the first thing your going to want to get is the Rear Camber Kit. These car's suffer dramatically with camber when they are lowered even the least bit. SPC now offers a direct bolt on Rear Camber Kit which we have...
  7. Full-Race Catback Exhaust Systems / Turbo Kits / Everything Full-Race @ Import DPS!

    Import DPS
    When it comes to quality, I don't think anything truly matches what the guys over at Full-Race Motorsports put out. When we had the opportunity to put an Exhaust System on our 2012 Civic Si Coupe, we knew we wanted something quiet and so we chose Full-Race. This Exhaust System changed the feel...
  8. Body kits

    Anybody know of any sweet body kits for the 2012 Sent from my ADR6350 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  9. HI New to forum. BOdy KITS?

    Are there any aftermarket body kits for the Civic SI coupe? im new to the mod thingy!
  10. Aftermarket lip kits, anyone else waiting?

    I'm really interested in seeing what is to come for our cars. I do like the HFP kit but I would seriously need to get the car lowered otherwise it just does not look right to me. Personally a better front and rear that are one piece might look better in my opinion. Anyone know of any upcoming...
  11. Brake kits..

    Suspension & Brakes
    Looking to upgrade my brakes. What brake kits are available for our 2012 Si? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  12. Recommendations on HID conversion kits

    I'm not sure if there's any posts on this, what brands should i look into for HID kits? There's so many out there, so i really don't quite know where to start. FEEDBACK PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!!
  13. turbo kits

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    does anyone sell an aftermarket turbo for the 9th gen non si civic ?
  14. Are 8th gen big brake kits compatible with 9th gen's?

    Suspension & Brakes
    I can't find much info on our front brake specs. I'm curious if the 8th gen BBK's are compatible with our cars. I see there's a guy on here piecing together a Brembo kit, but spending over 2k is out of my price range. I'm really into the 8th gen Ksport kits. Any advice would be nice. Thanks.
  15. Diode Dynamics HID Conversion Kits?

    Anyone use HID conversion kits from Diode Dynamics? Just purchased and SI and shopping around for HID conversions. A friend of mine used a kit from Diode Dynamics a couple of years ago and he told me about them. Anyone else have any thoughts about them? Thanks!!!
  16. NIA Eyelids / Lip Kits

    I contacted NIA yesterday about Eyelids and Lip kits since they have not started any for the 12 Civics. My friends have used NIA for a few years now, great quality products and good customer support. QUOTES FROM HIS EMAIL: "Nicholas, Thank you for your interest on our NIA products. but like...
  17. HID kits

    Has anyone had any experiences with the xenon hid kits on eBay. Do they work well? I have heard mixed reviews seeing how the si doesn't have projectors. Also I believe it's Jdmtoys selling an led bulb for the running day lights. Any comments?
  18. hid kits

    what brand hid kit did you go with. I use to use vvme from china but i hate waiting three weeks anyone have a good kit they use and are happy with and has no flickering
  19. Wide body kits

    Has anybody gotten the wide body kit yet, where could I get it Sent from my PC36100 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  20. Dashboard Kits?

    Interior mods
    Does anybody used dashboard kit from CarId? Do you think it will look good? If so, where do you buy they from? Thank you!