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  1. LED Bulbs for Spec D Headlights

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Just got some Spec D lights for my 2012 Si and I’m looking to replace the halogens with LED bulbs. Has anyone had any success with this? I think they’re H1 bulbs. I’m worried about the fitment with the dust caps. Thanks!
  2. LED info

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Hey guys, I have a 15 civic ex sedan and I want to switch my headlights, high beams, and daytime running lights to LED's. I know nothing about them or what I need to do. Can anyone help? thanks.
  3. LED map light flickers when starting engine

    So recently, I've brought some quality LED bulbs for the interior map and dome lights. Whenever I start the engine at night (the lights stayed on briefly after I closed the doors) while the lights are still on, it flickers rapidly for a couple of seconds before going out. Before I had these...
  4. ExLED Rear LED Reflectors DIY/Review

    Link to product: exLEDusa Pre-made Custom LED Reflector for Honda Civic Sedan 9th generation Price: $155 normally, $124 right now on sale for the holidays. Optional accessories: Turn Signal Module $17, Parking Light Control Module $5. What I got: LED Reflectors and Turn Signal Module REVIEW...
  5. Tint LED Ambient lights?

    I have this blue ambient light kit installed but the shade is kinda blue leaning towards the teal side. I am trying to get the shade to a blue->purple (Indigo) shade. Is there a purple/indigo tint film I can put over it or some other methods to do it?
  6. Please help guys, is it my fuse, bad wiring, or a relay which I have no idea about!

    Build Section
    So lets start with i have a 2015 Honda Civic Si Okay so my problem is my head unit and both cigarette plugs aren't working. I was testing out amplifiers for my car, I plugged everything in and it worked perfectly, than I had changed the amp to test another and this time I plugged the battery...
  7. Philips Daylight 4 installed

    So im new here... but i just wanted to post a couple pics of the philips daylight 4 installed on my 14 civic ex. Im currently leasing and not sure if im gonna keep it so i didn't screw them on. Im just holding them on right now with 3m double sided tape. I wish i could aim them more forward...
  8. Who Needs HIDs?! (LED Review)

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Hey guys, I'm an active member over on Acurazine.com (Frosty), but I figured I'd post this review here as well since my friend drives an SI, and recently upgraded his lower fogs with these same LEDs (pics coming soon). My search for LEDs started after I became sick of the Nokya Hyper Yellow...
  9. 2012 Civic Coupe LED Tail Lights Installed

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Stumbled across these on eBay the other day. Made by Eagle Eyes. Just put them in tonight. Relatively quick simple install.
  10. DIY: Trunk LED Light Installed

    I just changed out my trunk light for an LED light. Very easy should not take longer than a minute. 1. I opened the trunk and push down the back seat to I can go though the back seat and into the truck. The only reason I did that is so the trunk light won't be on. I was not too sure if it was...
  11. Brightest Interior Dome Lights?

    Hello everyone! I recently bought interior dome lights off of amazon for my 2013 4 door Civic Si. I went and bought red since the rest of the interior has a red glow, but they were a lot dimmer than I was expecting. I was wondering if anyone knew of any brands of the T10 bulbs that are...
  12. LED bulb swap for 2013 civic?

    Interested in putting in some LED bulbs on my 2013 Civic for the brake lights, front and rear turn signals, and back up lights. Found what seems to be promising bulbs from Putco here. Anyone use these or know of anywhere I can get LED bulbs for the exterior lights above? My Car: 2013 Civic...
  13. Group Buy: LED Tail Light Sedan [3 Styles]

    Vendor Deals
    Hi Guys, I was browsing through eBay and saw 3 different styles of the LED tail lights for the 2012 Civic Sedan. I asked the vendor if they provided a group buy. They replied with yes. The only downside is that you must be within the 48 states (UPS shipping). They will send an invoice to your...
  14. LED tail bulbs brakes only! No idle night lights

    Hey everyone, new to the forum and I can't express how much you all have helped me in customizing my '12 Si Coupe. I had a question though. I recently bought 2x 7443 T20 LED bulbs to use as my tail lights. Unfortunately, they only work when I depress the brakes, not when I have the headlights...
  15. I love LEDs

    Wasted no time upgrading my lights to LED since I purchased my car last week. Before After
  16. Aftermarket Taillights...???

    So I found this: CG® 03-HC12TLED4DJM - Honda Civic 2012 Black LED Tail Lights - 4DR Of course, there aren't any pictures of them, and they're only for 2012 sedans, but as far as I know we're yet to see any aftermarket tails. Has anyone actually seen these or know someone that has them?
  17. K-Tuning Projector Headlights!!

    K-Tuning Projector Headlights ~ Just ARRIVED!! Fits All 12 to 13 Honda Civic coupe and sedan model Comes with black housing clear lens with LED light bar headlights Come equipped H1 high/low beams PM us or email [email protected] for new in stock special!!
  18. Rear LED lights?

    Hey guy's so I smoked my taillights yesterday, and to avoid issues with the police, I would like to replace the bulb with an LED bulb, so that there is more light output. Is this possible? Because i remember someone saying that LED's aren't able to change their intensity, and that they have one...
  19. Map lights not working....

    I'm not sure if this is the right section because I put in aftermarket LED map lights in the car several months ago. I have the same brand in the license plate light, map, and dome lights. For some reason the driver's side LED map light works fine, turns on manually or when I get in the car etc...
  20. Opinions on LED Angel Eyes?

    So like the title says, what are your opinions on LED angel eyes as part of a quad retrofit. Like the BMW style headlights: I'm thinking about doing a quad retrofit with Morimoto Mini H1's and the white LED angel eyes as Daytime Running Lights.