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  1. Interior
    Finally as isaid i have the video of what it looks like. LEDglow 7 color sound mode - YouTube
  2. Lighting
    Whats up guys/gals ive been looking everywhere for a led glow interior light how to. I know AlienPrime has a tutorial but with mine i didnt use an add a circut thing. So this is what i did. 1) strip the power and ground leads on your led glow kit because its not stripped enough 2) find the acc...
  3. Interior
    Hey guys, I found a cool little thing to make your door panels stand out some more from the regular trim and give it some pizazz. Firstly, heres my car, black si coupe (after a vigorous wash and wax right before I did the doors). So here is the panel beforehand, plain jane. What you can do...
  4. Interior
    I used iPhone 4s sorry about the quality! DO anyone know whats the law for this in california tho!! lol
  5. Interior
    I saw a picture someone posted of their fuse box with the add a circuit but i couldn't find it. Can anyone help me in what fuse to use for my LEDGLOW.
1-5 of 5 Results