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  1. Coupe
    Don't know if anyone has asked this yet but i'm trying to see if the lid on the Si coupe as in the picture would fit onto my Lx coupe and if so where could i just find that piece2012-Honda-Civic-Si-Coupe-Rallye-Red-Exterior-Deck-Lid.jpg
  2. Sedan
    My Civic is still fresh from the dealer with no more than 1.5k on em, still debating on future mods and the spoiler was one I had a hard time choosing. It was between the OEM wing or lip spoiler. But while I was looking through the forums, I fell in love with this: (props go to CivicMx)...
  3. Coupe
    Is it possible to swap the coupe ex trunk lid to coupe si trunk it?
  4. Sedan
    So where do ppl buy their Si Wing or you can call it trunk lid? I heard its 187 with shipping its 197 on majestic honda website. Am I correct?
  5. Exterior Styling
    9th Gen Honda Civic 4dr Trunk Lid Insulator Upgrade (2012)
  6. Exterior Styling
    9thGen Honda Civic Deck Lid Spoiler Installation
  7. Sedan
    Will coupe trunk lid work on sedan?
  8. Sedan
    I need to find a cbp trunk lid with no spoiler any help? Sent from my iPhone using Autoguide
  9. Coupe
    does anyone know the dimensions of the trunk lid?
  10. Sedan
    Bought online - waited for my weekend to install.
  11. Sedan
    Anyone know if this 8th Gen deck lid would fit the 9th Gen (I have an LX Sedan). BTW, where do you guys check such specific measurements? Is there a site or are you looking at part plans? Have a link for the future? Here is a link to see the pictures of which deck lid I'm talking about (NOT...
  12. Sedan
    Hi, I own a black Civic Si Sedan. I'm considering replacing my deck lid spoiler (w/3rd brake light) with the factory wing spoiler. But before I do that, what do you all think? Here's the link of the new proposed spoiler. It also has a 3rd brake light...
  13. Exterior
    When looking at the civic specs on Honda's website it specifically states that only the Si has the rear decklid spoiler with integrated LED brakelight. But I noticed that the EX-L (Leather/navigation) coupe also has the integrated LED brakelight. This isn't stated in the specs or Civic...
  14. Sedan
    Does anyone know if the trunk lid on the 2011 is the same size as the one on the 2012? I have money burning a hole in my pocket and want to put a spoiler on my car that isn't oem.
  15. Audio/Video & Navigation
    im planning on building a custom sri and i wanted to know where i could get the stock air box lid from? Thanks in advance
  16. Sedan
    I think my civic trunk lid need a little more pop. So, I went to pepboys and get a flat black decal and play around with it. before and after.
  17. Sedan
    hey everyone i was wondering what your opinions are on the rear of the 4 door sedan ( LX Dyno pearl blue) im looking at either getting the rear wing spolier or the deck lid installed...i want something that looks real nice and clean and adds a nice appeal to the rear of the car...any pics anyone...
  18. Sedan
    I bought the spoiler for $250 and install it myself. It's not difficult at all. After about an hour the wing is now installed. One more thing I still need to do is to replace new trunk spring. I got to find someone to who have to tool. Next week, I will put the carbon fiber vinyl on the lower...
  19. Sedan
    What do you guys think 2012 civic ex 4dr. Is it worth getting the deck lid. Debating not sure what to do. Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
1-19 of 29 Results