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  1. Interior
    Does anyone know if you are able to replace the speedometer and tachometer from the ex-l to have the SI clusters so it’s all red inside?
  2. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Hey guys just wanted to make a post on the ambient dome light install, this install uses all oem parts. my 2011 crz had this feature and wanted to add this to my si. installed on a 2012 civic si. NESSESARY TOOLS! trim removal tool phillips and flat screwdriver soldering iron tweeters...
  3. Interior
    I have this blue ambient light kit installed but the shade is kinda blue leaning towards the teal side. I am trying to get the shade to a blue->purple (Indigo) shade. Is there a purple/indigo tint film I can put over it or some other methods to do it?
  4. Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    Hey guys, Still new to the forums but I thought I'll ask a quick question for my little side project. On my 2013 accord sport, I was able to install passenger lights for my doors by tapping into a fuse that will power my LEDs when the door opens. I believe its the same fuse that goes to the map...
  5. Interior Problems
    Hello everyone, my name is TheCivicSi, anyways I was wondering what wires to tap into under the dashboard to make my footwell lights dim when I click my remote to open or lock the car. I know the other 8th gen website make a post about this as well has been around here, but i'm asking to please...
  6. Intakes and Spacers
    I just installed the afe Intake and the Check Emissions, VSA, and Power steering came on... I believe the intake is on correctly... Will it go off by itself?
  7. Sedan
    Hey guys. Does anyone know how to remove that piece above the license plate (on the trunk) that houses the light fixture? It's also the piece that the rear end 'H' emblem is mounted to (shown in the pic below). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Exterior
    I got my fog lights from ilovebodykits First they sent me tail lights for a blazer but that’s beside the point Finally got the lights Saturday, they included the wiring maybe because they sent me the wrong thing the first time Anywho I was going off collegehillhondas youtube video to install...
  9. Exterior
    Hi guys, I just ask the dealer quote me for the price of fog light for my 2013 Civic LX model. $400 for parts only, and I was like WOOWW So is there any other place has it cheaper that you guys found?
  10. Exterior
    Hey guys maybe you could help me out. Bought a oem honda civic fog kit for 2012 civic, i have a sedan lx...yes i have a ex bumper spent that much just to get a fog light. Now everything is installed except the harness kit that goes inside under neath the steering wheel. Im having a hard time...
  11. Interior
    Switched out the bulb with a led one and somehow it didn't work afterwards,tried the oem bulb again,no light at all. Looked at the manual for the right fuse,small interior lights i thought,but the fuse was still good,even looked for more fuses from 7.5-to 10 amps,also under the hood.....no...
  12. Interior mods
    Heavy or light shift knob, why? Please post pics of your shift knob and explain why you chose to go heavy or light.
  13. Exterior
    My trunk and license plate led light stopped working and I looked in the owners manual and can't find the location of those fuses. Does anyone know the location/number of the trunk and license plate fuses?
  14. Exterior
    Hi everyone, Im cheap and therefore bought an ebay kit that comes with no wiring instructions. I am looking for an empty fuse slot that will turn off when the car is off. I rather not tap into one that is being used but will as long as theres no issues. I will be running an led bulb so I am not...
  15. Exterior
    Both my fog light glass covers were inconveniently hit and shattered by rocks symmetrically. My bulbs were also destroyed in the process... Well my fix were new high grade lexan plastic covers and 5k h11 bulbs. Everything went well with the install, the only downside is that the plastic is...
  16. Interior
    Hi there, I guess I should technically be posting this at the 8th gen site since my Civic LX is a 2009 but I can't get that site to work for some reason. Anyway, I have the LEDGlow Million Color from NJ. Very satisfied with this product. I have 4x 8 LED strips under the dashboard for the two...
  17. Exterior
    So i bought Spyder fog lights from carid and installed. Everything work perfectly for about 2 weeks and today it suddenly stop working. I've used the circuit to fuse connector with 15 blue mini fuse in slot 19. Connected the white (constant wire directly to the battery. My Audio still...
  18. Exterior
    I have converted all my interior lamps to Zenon LED's, as well as license plate, and trunk lights, but I want to also replace the rear marker lights with LED lights ( 168 is the old bulb size ). Do I have to remove the tail light assembly to get at the socket for that, as I assume its the one...
  19. Interior
    I am interested in getting LED bulbs or an LED third brake light anyone know what kind of bulbs I can use or if not doable if I can swap in the EX-L LED brake light? I am also interested in the LED strip at the top of the window like the Audi S7 has...
1-19 of 164 Results