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  1. LF ADVICE: All-Weather LED switchback fog lights (6000K White/3000K Yellow)

    I want to bounce some ideas off you guys. I found these LED Switchback Fog lights made in Hong Kong. It's $200 CAD, do you guys think it's worth my money? Effectively, I can see that the 6000K white/ 3000K yellow benefits. Visibility during dry conditions -> toggle fog on -> White light...
  2. Relays in under hood fuse box

    Lighting, H.I.D.'s, & Neon
    2013 Civic Si Coupe I've searched high and low - forums, google search, user manual, etc. Does anyone have any idea what the relays in the under hood fuse box represent? The fuse box cover diagram only shows an "i" (information) in every relay location and no other explanation. I recently...
  3. Help with interior dome light wiring to door projector

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Ok guys, I'm new but i've lurked around for a bit to see some things or two, I was wondering If I could receive some help from you guys. Im trying to put projectors into my doors, as you can see i've installed one so far. As you can see it has a positive and a negative cable deriving from...
  4. Amber Taillight Overlay on Si Sedan

    Vinyl taillight overlays recently applied. As far as the DIY instructions are concerned, I did not document a step by step with pictures, however below is a description of the steps I took. Apologies if it is poorly described. As an additional reference, the site...
  5. Labor Day ONE Day SALE #2 ~ HID Kit!!!

    Labor Day ONE Day SALE #2 ~ HID Kit!!!PM or email us [email protected] the crazy deal!!
  6. K-Tuning Projector Headlights!!

    K-Tuning Projector Headlights ~ Just ARRIVED!! Fits All 12 to 13 Honda Civic coupe and sedan model Comes with black housing clear lens with LED light bar headlights Come equipped H1 high/low beams PM us or email [email protected] for new in stock special!!
  7. Drl overlays

    I found some amber overlays for my drls,but they only have them for 8th gen coupes.Does any body know if they would come anywhere close to fiting 9th gens.The housings look pretty close to the same shape.And if not does anyone know a company that sells them precut for 9ths.
  8. Some interior mood lighting

    I used to have a 2012 focus (don't ask) and it had a cool feature which was ambient lighting that you could change to any of, lets say 6 colors. Also you could adjust the brightness of these lights and it just made the car look really nice at night. Is there anything i can do to my civic si that...
  9. Opinion question about LED lighting

    Hi there, I guess I should technically be posting this at the 8th gen site since my Civic LX is a 2009 but I can't get that site to work for some reason. Anyway, I have the LEDGlow Million Color from NJ. Very satisfied with this product. I have 4x 8 LED strips under the dashboard for the two...
  10. Dealer installed interior ambient lighting (blue) - has anyone had installed?

    I did a search and didn't see anything, sorry if I overlooked it, but I am wondering if anyone has ever had the dealer installed "blue ambient" interior lighting installed? If so, what all mods had to be made to the car? Do they have to do any additional wiring, or are these pre-wired for this...
  11. Dumb Question About Interior Lighting

    Probably a really stupid question but on the LX sedan is there illumination on the following when the headlights are turned on: (1) the turn stock and the windshield washer stock, and (2) the door window and lock buttons. Also, is there illumination on the ignition key hole in the dark? Thanks!
  12. Pillar Lighting Idea

    Hey Fellas, My mom has a 2nd Gen Mini Cooper and I love the interior pillar mood lights. For those who are looking for subtle lighting these lights are the ticket. Only problem that I can see is making some sort of cover for the hole that will need to be cut. Any ideas? Do you see any possible...
  13. 9th Gen 4 Door Ambient Lighting Kit Blue and Red

    9th Gen 4 Door Ambient Lighting Kit Blue and Red Blue http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/ambientlighting.pdf Red http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/ambientlightsi.pdf
  14. LEDGlow interior lighting 7 color kit

    Finally as isaid i have the video of what it looks like. LEDglow 7 color sound mode - YouTube
  15. DIY - Fuseable trunk lighting

    Like many, i have found the lighting in the trunk to be outright miserable! I was storing the car tomorrow so i quickly finished up this job today after workand took pics for everyone who was interested :smile: I swapped over all my connections to Fuse port 23 (intended to support 7.5A...
  16. Lighting

    Anyone try wiring up their DRLs to the low beams or park lights? So when you have the low beams and fogs on, the DRLs are on too? I want to do this without the use of high beams....
  17. license plate lighting

    Hi All, New owner of a 2012 civic EX here. I have a questions on the license plate lighting on the EX. Is it normal to have a hole where the bulb is? I drive a 97 honda accord before and it would be flush the the trunk lip where the light is suppose to be. This civic seems weird to have no...
  18. Looking for HID's, interior lighting, and map dome LED lights.

    Hey guys, so I am just looking to see what brand would be good for HID's. Planning on running HID's soon, 10000k's. For the interior lighting, any of you know where to get the OEM interior lights for a cheap price? Because it's EXPENSIVE over at the dealership. Haha. For the Map dome LED lights...
  19. Lighting question

    Hi guys, So i got my new 2012 civic yestarday, and i've already done some changes, well i ordered the parts basically. Now, i am looking to do my lights, headlight and foglights. I am reading about retro fit and i'm not sure what it is, i'm guess it's like projector with xenon? but i read that i...
  20. Footwell Lighting

    I just leased a 2012 Honda Civic Si Coupe and interested in installing footwell lighting and have been reading around about it. I found a guide on how to install the official interior lighting but I'd rather go for brighter Aftermarket ones. Few questions: Is it possible without putting holes...