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  1. Sedan
    I have looked around and cannot seem to find the clips that are used in the trunk liner (broke one in half). Anyone know where I can get some? Would also be interested in finding clips for the bumper (removing it a couple times has been hard on the clips).
  2. Exterior
    I was trying to remove my driver side wheel well liner the other day on my ex coupe w/ fog lights when I had the right clips out but there was 1 screw connecting the bumper to the wheel well liner that would not come out. It would just keep spinning. Any help?
  3. Interior mods
    Just checked WeatherTech and found the front and rear floor liners are available for the sedan. I have had many sets of these and they are well worth the money. Trunk liner isn't quite there yet, but should be soon..... Just thought you'd like to know.:eusa_dance:
  4. Sedan
    I asked them the other day when they would have it ready. This is what I got today... The 2012 honda civic cargo liner is in production. As of right now our engineer departement recently started producing the cargo liner. It looks like it is going to be about 10 weeks until the cargo liners...
  5. Sedan
    Trunk Lid Insulator Anyone here considering installing this?... 2012 Honda Civic Sedan Interior Accessories - Genuine Honda Civic Accessories Shipped at Discount Prices Look for trunk lid insulator. I believe on the sedans its only on the EX-L/Hybrid trims. Wondering what it'll do for sound...