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  1. Sedan
    For those looking to get one and looking to get it painted make sure you have who ever paints it rock guard it then flex primer it if not you'll make major peel and chip,not saying it won't chip but it will help eliminate major chipping I quoted a guy 160 for his lip(RR) and he said he found...
  2. Sedan
    So I been wondering about body kits and etc if you guys got any nice please share it with the rest of us , please put a link below. Thanks : )
  3. Coupe
    Hello, So I am pretty new to working on the car and all, Just fell in love with my new SI :woowoo: I just got my 5% tint all around except for the front windshield and thinking of tinting out the break lights also. Well now!, I wanna get HIDs, HFP front lips, drop my suspension and install CAI...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Hopefully gonna look sick on my Rallye Red 2dr. Getting installed Friday! can't wait pix to come
  5. Appearance and Body Modifications
    I just received my ez lip in the mail and I want to see how people have put them on their cars. I want to know if you just follow the contour of the bottom of the bumper, or change it up a bit.
  6. Sedan
    So im pretty new about cars and stuff but judging from the looks of it it looks like the old civic side skirts and front lip would be about the same if you had the ones without the foglight housing for the front, but i honestly don't know. So if there's anyone that did measurements or knows for...
  7. Coupe
    Are there any out there for the '12 yet? Not a body kit, but a front and rear lip and side skirts. I think I can order some from Honda, but are there any others out there yet?
1-7 of 7 Results