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  1. Automatic transmission owners (2013...& 2012 perhaps?) Does your shifter have play?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Automatic transmission owners (2013...& 2012 perhaps?) Does your shifter have play? Hello 2013 civic owners with automatics. Perhaps any 2012 can contribute too. Does your shifter have some play if you were to wiggle it left and right? Or is it rock solid? Mine moves maybe about 1mm in...
  2. Handbrake sort of loose

    Interior Problems
    I noticed that it takes more clicks to use the handbrake compared to a few weeks ago. I don't ever yank on it, always gentle and pressed the bottom before pulling up. I recently tried to slide my car in a empty, rainy parking lot like 2 times. Can someone tell how to readjust the hand brake...
  3. 2012 Civic Si--Unexplained Axle/CV Problem & Now "Loose" Steering

    Drivetrain Problems
    I'm hoping someone might have some advise or insight and can help me figure out how get my Civic Si running 'normally' again. First: Vehicle: Civic Si Year: 2012 Miles: 10,500 Maintenance: Oil Change x2; Tire Rotation About two weeks ago, I started to notice that there was quite a...
  4. Loose Weather Stripping

    I was washing my car earlier today, and noticed the weather stripping on the top of the drivers door (EX Coupe) has completely come loose. Its not causing any problems, so I'll probably just wait until my next oil changed to get it looked at/fixed. Is anyone else having this problem? BTW I've...
  5. Si drivers seat pop sound! Annoying!

    Interior Problems
    SI Driver's Seat cushion loose? Just brought it in the for the first oil change and decided to have them check my drivers side seat. This just started recently, but after getting in, sitting down, then shifting my weight, the bottom cushion appears to move (has an upward shift/feel to it)...
  6. Radiator & fan assembly loose?

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I was just poking around my Si & noticed the rad & fan assembly moves around... is this normal?
  7. Handling problem on the highway

    Drivetrain Problems
    I have two small issues with My new CIVIC 2012 EX-L: 1- The key is rather hot when I take it out of the ignition (is that normal?) 2- I think the factory alignment on my vehicle was not done well therefore my vehicle is swaying to the left a little and @ 65-75 MPH the steering shakes a tad...