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  1. General Maintenance
    2012 honda civic 1.8L 63,000 when do I need to change my fluids I've been doin oil change every 5,000 but what about the others I've heard multiple things,I just need it laid out:transmission fluid,engine coolant, brake fluid, transfer case fluid,powersteering fluid,rear differential fluid, not...
  2. General Maintenance
    Hi im wondering what work i should do for the mecanical or fluids if you know something please tell me and it’s a manual thanks !
  3. General Maintenance
    So I'm trying to do a transmission fluid change and want to change out my filter as well. Most resources I found online refer to the filter in Image 1. However I found another resource showing a completely different filter in a completely different spot (image 2). Image 1's filter installs...
  4. General Maintenance
    Hi all, Sorry if this has already been posted of if it's in the wrong thread, I'm new here... I've tried searching the forums and I just don't know what this part of my Si is. I've searched "battery tray bolt," but that doesn't seem to be it. Does anyone know what part of the car this is...
  5. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    I was doing a Valve adjustment on my Civic Si @ 184780 Miles.The Exhaust Camshaft seems a little worn but I’m concerned if this wear on it is not normal . Im not sure if its the first time . I got the car last year and the Maintenance manual doesn’t say anything about a Valve adjustment at...
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi all, I have a 2012 Honda Civic (LX I believe) and recently, the Maintenance Info option under my menu screen has disappeared. Shortly before this, it displayed the "Service Due Soon" message and informed me that I need an oil change, transmission fluid change, and tire rotation. A day or two...
  7. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    I bought my 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe about 2 weeks ago and it now has 755 miles on it. at about 750 miles, while I was on the freeway, the check TPMS light, Check VSA light, Check Power steering, Check Hill start assist light, and Check emission system light, all came on one after the other. I...
  8. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys! First post on the thread. Just picked up a 2015 Orange Si Coupe yesterday:eusa_dance: and was curious on prep work to do. Interior, Exterior, Tires, Rims, Rain-X, anything that will help protect the car. Thanks!
  9. Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    It doesn't happen a lot, but once in a while (even when it's warm) I turn my key an absolutely nothing happens. Then I get a notification on the I-MiD saying "Check Ignition System" but when I turn the key again it starts up just fine. Should I be worried?
  10. Drivetrain Problems
    I have read the OM and the only thing I see there for the 5AT maintenance is to check the dipstick and that you might be warned by the Maintenance Minder codes to replace the ATF. I've not been under a 9th gen with a 5AT to see if there is a drain plug on the transaxle. If there is none, I'd...
  11. Canada
    So anyway, I used to live in Texas and every time I go for a maintenance check they only charge me 39 dollars because my car was quite brand new at that time. Now I bought a 2012 Honda Civic Ex and I just had my maintenance inspection yesterday and they charged me $231.74 and I only have 9,150...
  12. Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    Anyone know where the best place is to put my hydraulic jack to lift up my new 2012? Looking for the best front and rear points. TXS Jim
  13. General Maintenance
    Yesterday, I worked with a friend who has an 87 Chevy truck, that he bought new in 1986, that now has 406,800 miles on the odometer which stopped working last year when the clutch was replaced. So it has more miles than that. It has had 3,000-4,000 mile oil changes using Pennzoil 10-30. The...
  14. General Maintenance
    Do you guys go buy it or not? In the owners manual it states to atleast go 600 miles without driving it hard. In other words, no:pinkvtec::pinkvtec::pinkvtec::pinkvtec: I've heard people say this is bs and I've also heard people who stand by this. Just curious as to what you guys think.
1-14 of 14 Results