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  1. College Hills Honda
    2016 Civic Coupe Discussion Join me and HondaPro Jason for Honda Blab #002 on 2/29/16. It is being held at a special "after dark" time of 9pm EST. Sit back and watch for free or participate by text and/or video by simply logging into blab.im with your Twitter account. Video seats are limited so...
  2. North-East
    Hey all. I'm currently in NC with my 2013 CBP SI Sedan. I'm moving to Worcester in the next few weeks and wanted to know if there were any meetups or others in the area. Thanks!
  3. Gatherings and Meets
    Anyone in the Chicagoland area interested in a casual meet-up over the next few days? I've seen a decent amount of discussion of "we should meet" on the forums, but no confirmation that any meet-up ever happened. So... with me currently in Chicago for the next few days, I thought I might prod a...