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  1. Who would be interested in Moddiction blue convex mirrors?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Who would be interested if Moddiction created blue convex mirrors for our 9th gen Civics? I had a friend that with these on his 8th Civic and were absolutely amazing. Not only did they help with blind spots, but looked fantastic. His car also had a light tint on the side windows and had no...
  2. 2013 Civic EX Visors and Side Mirrors

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I enjoy my 2013 Honda Civic EX but find the visors and side mirrors need a vast improvement. The visors do very little for protection from the sun. The side mirrors often allow for vehicles from the rear to blind me, especially trucks. Does anyone know where or how I can upgrade or completely...
  3. DIY: 5 Panel Wink Mirror

    Interior Styling
    After painful hours and lots of work I finally figured it out and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! =D I got it installed and had to take it down as I am painting the extra brackets black I bought to make it all work. I got to keep my Visors and they fold down and work...
  4. Homelink mirror.. and video?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So I was looking around for auto dimming mirrors with homelink and read that all of them are made by Gentex. Their website referred me to here, listing all their models: Welcome to MITO-Auto Now that leaves me with the questions 1) Does the Si have a built in compass? 2) Has anyone installed...
  5. Carbon fiber Mirror covers

    I know that you can buy one for the review mirror but does anybody know if they make them for the drive and passenger side mirrors? somebody took out my passenger side mirror and since I have to replace it anyways I figured why not change both.
  6. HELP!!! Driver side mirror housing removal.

    Okay so i some douch bag decided to hit my driver side mirror housing and leave. So i was going to buy a new housing my question is how do i remove the old one? Please help it would be much appreciated.
  7. Cool lock and mirror fold upgrade

    Here in Thailand. Can you get it in the USA? I'm thinking about it.
  8. Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Compass 2012 Civic 2dr

    Auto Day/Night Mirror w/Compass 2012 Civic 2dr http://www.collegehillshonda.com/instructions/civic/2012/4dr/daynightmirror.pdf
  9. How do you remove side view mirror glass??? How to pry it off?

    Hey guys, so as the title kind of gives it away, I am currently struggling on a project that requires removal of the side view mirror GLASS. I Know that most cars have a specific way of removing the glass from the housing, but im really not too sure on the 9th gen civic. Have any of you guys...
  10. Chrome Mirror Covers!

    Woo! One more aftermarket part! May not be for everyone, but anyone loaded with chrome will appreciate these lol See/buy em here :) Brand New Chrome Side Mirror Cover for Honda Civic 2012 | eBay
  11. DIY: Side mirror replacement

    Maintenance/Repair and Practical
    So this is my first time doing a DIY, and I know this installation would have been easier if I had a guide as to what I was doing, so I figured this might help someone out. About a month after getting my Civic someone hit my car when it was parked on the road one night; luckily it was only...
  12. Heated Side Mirror

    Can I install Heated side mirror if I don't have Leather Package? :icon_headfones:
  13. How to replace the Side Mirror Assembly?

    My passenger side (right) side mirror was shattered recently, however the assembly is still intact meaning only the glass is broken. I initially tried going to the mechanic and my Honda Dealer and they both gave me estimates of up to $140-$150 to replace the whole thing (which is a lot...
  14. Kplayground 9thgen Civic Carbon Fibre Interior Room Mirror Cover

    Kplayground 9thgen Civic Carbon Fibre Interior Room Mirror Cover! New in stock VERY limited!!*** PM US OR EMAIL [email protected] THE INTRODUCTORY SPECIAL PRICING *** Kplayground Carbon fibre interior room mirror cover on our sponsored PASMAG 2013 Civic SI Sedan
  15. Side Mirror Turn Signals!

    Hey Everyone, I'm trying to install these after market side mirror turn signals. Anyone know the turn signal wire color and location underneath the dash? if anyone knows it'll be a huge help. Thanks!.
  16. TSW Nurburging mirror face with gunmetal coming soon!

    Wheels and Tires
    Tomorrow I will be ordering some tsw nurburgrings for my PMM ex coupe. They are 17x7.5/45 offset. The wheels weigh in at about 17.6 Ilbs and I'll get some conti DWS which weigh in at 20 Ilbs. I wonder if anyone here has weighed their OEM wheels/tires ? So excited.
  17. Need new driver side mirror

    Last night I had someone vandalized my car and kicked my mirror while I was at the local Denny's, where's the cheapest place to get a mirror. I got a exl sedan, thank you
  18. Broken driver side mirror

    So i was driving down a one way street and there was a taxi double parked so i flashed my high beams and he didn't do anything so i was going on the side of him and and he decided to move when i was on his side. So instead of my letting him scrape the whole right side of my car i smashed my...
  19. will 2011 driver side mirror fit 2012 driver side mirror

    So they other day i parked my car on the road over night, and in the morning i find out that some asshole clipped my driver side mirror. the person didnt wait around or clean up his mess as his passenger side mirror was smashed all over the road. my mirror was bent the wrong way and now the...
  20. rear view mirror harness into your factory navi?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    is it possible to install RCD (rearview camera display) with harness to connect and hook to your factory navi... ??? please help if you know about this. Thanks in advance:eek3dancesmiley: