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  1. Exhausts and Downpipes
    Hey I have a 2012 Civic LX Sedan that I was going to put a loud exhaust on it. I dont want it to be screaming but I want it to be loud enough that it gets attention and will scream if i floor it on a highway. I've been looking at the Invidia N1 System vs. the Invidia Q3000 vs. the Skunk2...
  2. Build Section
    Can i run a PRL cold air intake with a ZDX throttle body, and Rbc intake manifold? And would it be worth it or not.. fg4
  3. Sedan
    Like the title states, is it worth modding? Will it turn out nice, and if possible is there anyone that might have some pictures that might show it turned out? Thanks !
  4. (Non-Si)
    heys guys and gals i just purchased a 2012 honda civic never had a honda before. if anyone could help me by letting me know where to look for performance parts and what are the best to buy. thanks for any help from anyone.
1-4 of 4 Results