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  1. Vendor Deals
    group buy (PAINTING IS NOW AVAILABLE, PLEASE PM FOR QUOTE) item: genuine honda version 2 modulo lip kit (front lip or rear apron) application (front lip): will fit 2012-2015 9th gen civic sedan (with asian bumper), 2012-2013 9th gen civic coupe (with asian bumper) application (side skirt)...
  2. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Anyone know if a 2012 civic si modulo lip can fit on a 2013 civic si sedan?
  3. Sedan
    For those looking to get one and looking to get it painted make sure you have who ever paints it rock guard it then flex primer it if not you'll make major peel and chip,not saying it won't chip but it will help eliminate major chipping I quoted a guy 160 for his lip(RR) and he said he found...
  4. Sedan
    TSIA, here's some pics :)
  5. Sedan
    Finally installed the beginning of the week! got an ez lip to project the modulo/ make it look lower
  6. Sedan
    I just wanted to test fit it and see how it looks before i go get it painted. It is a VERY tight fit. That's good and bad, but I like it! Sorry for the crappy photos. It was taken with my Iphone. Before After with the non painted lip
  7. Interior Styling
    DIY: Genuine Modulo Sports Pedals - Manual Transmission Installation of automatic transmission pedals may follow this DIY as the process includes similar steps. Difficulty: 1/10 - Time: ~20 minutes Before: After: Required parts (pictured below): One (1) Modulo Sports clutch pedal cover...
  8. Sedan
    So I just purchased this from eBay, and I know I have 2 options I really like, should I color it to match or should I sticker bomb it? It will arrive next Wednesday. Sent from my iPhone using AutoGuide.com Free App
  9. Honda & Civic News
    The S2000 Modulo looks like a Catfish... But I don't give a crap. It's light, rear wheel drive and a Honda - sign me up:) Honda S2000 Modulo Climax is a Latecomer: 2013 Tokyo Auto Salon | AutoGuide.com News
  10. Sedan
    So I bought it when it was in stock $150, 3 days later he dropped it to 130 -.- Well here you go when you plasti dip the chrome part. I like it and its not that bad for those of you that thinks the chrome part is ugly...
  11. Sedan
    Don't think anyone has brought this up yet. 12-13 Civic 4dr Modulo Front Grille (Chrome) | eBay This is probably the cheapest option offered to our gen ! Im not digging the chrome but may some plastidip will get the job done? Thoughts?
  12. Interior mods
    Just ordered this pedal set yesterday!!! Genuine Honda Modulo Automatic SI Pedal Set 2012 Civic LX EX Coupe Sedan 9th Gen | eBay
  13. Sedan
    Can any one guide me where to purchase front grill (not carbon fiber), and modulo kit. can't find in ebay...
  14. Sedan
    I just got my civic lx back from body shop with the new sport grill. I LOVE the way it looks now.:woowoo:
  15. Sedan
    picked it up this morning ! i love it !! glad i paint to match instead of going cheap (plasti dip) gonna install it later today
  16. Sedan
    You guys think my local Honda parts department would order paint and install the body kit on my sedan or is it strictly DIY?
  17. Sedan
    panda-feet.com | Front 19" 8.5 Rear 19" 9.5 235/35/19r 245/35/19r Haters welcome. stagger. why. because it looks good offset:35+ Suspension:B&G -front srprings, Rear Coils Full Modulo style lip kit black roof from BlueBat Plastie dip badges plastie dip grill 10" sub using LOC to rear...
1-17 of 24 Results