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  1. Scratched Trim/Molding Above Passenger Window

    Exterior Problems
    Parked my car underneath a tree. Tree sap falls on my roof/top of window trim area. I go to clean it with a relatively abrasive APC and end up putting back and forth scratches on the trim. Frankly, I would rather have had the tree sap there then this obviously shameful attempt at cleaning my...
  2. Rubber Roof Molding Fell Off

    Exterior Problems
    2012 Honda Civic EX The passenger-side rubber roof molding fell off my 2012 Civic in the carwash. I still have it, I just need to put it back on. I know there are clips involved, which I need to order. Has anyone else ever had this problem? I'm assuming it's not a difficult fix. I've seen a...
  3. front grille molding (chrome) removal

    just wanna ask if someone in the forum knows how to remove the molding (chrome) of the front grille of the sedan? im thinking of replacing it with the black one (si grille) but just the mold, thanks (btw does it fit the regular grille?)
  4. Anyone with body side molding or door edge guards?

    I was wondering if anyone had the body side molding and door edge guard installed on their '12 civic si's, preferably coupes. I wanted to see how it looked cosmetically before making any choices. Thanks! :)
  5. 9th Gen Honda Civic 4dr Body Side Molding Installation (2012)

    Exterior Styling
    9th Gen Honda Civic 4dr Body Side Molding Installation (2012)
  6. License Plate Rubber Molding Surround

    Any ideas where I might can find a rubber trim to go over and around the edge of my new plates? The rear plate is mighty close to the paint. I can see it scratching it all up when I go to close the trunk. I have a habit of pushing on the plate as not to touch the car after washing it to avoid...
  7. Sedan's front molding grille piece install on coupe grille.

    is it possible to just buy that molding piece and form it to fit on the coupe's grill?? any idea or image that prooves that its possible?
  8. body side molding placement

    so i was wondering if somebody that has the OEM body side molding take a few measurements for me? i have a small ding already in the right rear door on my civic and i'm hoping that the body moldings would cover it if i were to get them. all i really need is a measurement from: -the bottom of...
  9. Should I get body side molding on a 2012 sedan?

    I know body side molding is pretty dorky. But I freaking hate the dings that I get in parking lots and feel like anything that can help prevent them is worth getting, short of putting tires along the side like a tugboat (though I am tempted). I figure the body side molding could prevent maybe...
  10. Body side molding worth it?

    Right now I'm debating whether to get the BSM's to prevent some door dings from happening. However, do they actually help? If they dont, I might just spend that money on the window visors instead. Thanks!
  11. 9th Gen Civic 4dr Body Side Molding Installation

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