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  1. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    I have a 2012 EX coupe w/ Nav. I remember when I first got this car (new, in 2013), I could go 300+ miles on one full tank/fill up. Lately I average about 260/270 miles on one full tank of gas (regular, unleaded). Obviously there is some fluctuation (better milage on highway, worse when I'm...
  2. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hello, I own a 2013 Honda Civic EX sedan. it is about 6+months the car's MPG fell significantly. I am driving 90% on local and I am getting only 22 MPG. This used to be around 27 MPG. I did not make any major modification to my car other then getting a SI trunk spoiler, Injen excel back exhaust...
  3. Mid-West
    Hello All, I got the 2015 civic a few months back for its great mpg ratings. I live in the metro detroit area, and for the last 2 refills, I have been getting 26-28mpg only! :( I do mostly city driving i.e. stop and go traffic, but I should still get 30 at least right? Is it the winter weather...
  4. ECU Tuning
    Hey guys so I know adding bolt-ons to my car is pointless w/o hondata. However, I pretty much just have the money for hondata and would have to wait awhile after buying that to purchase other bolt-ons. Question is is just buying the hondata and using stock base going to help with mpg? I'm...
  5. General Maintenance
    This is such a commonly disputed issue i feel that it warrants its own thread with an easy to find/search title. The owners manual on page 225 (atleast on the SI manual, and yes the break in should be the same for any of our civics) clearly states "durring the first 600 miles/1000 km avoid...
  6. New Member Introductions
    Hey im new to the forum so im not quite sure if im posting in the right spot but i was wondering if their was a short ram intake on the market right now for my 2013 honda civic ex sedan. Also if you know little ways to add a bit more horsepower that would be great too Thanks
  7. New Member Introductions
    New person drawn to this forum to maybe get some help/advice on a significant decrease in MPG after 30,000 miles (90% highway miles). Bought my 2012 Civic LX Coupe (5-speed) and for about a year, I enjoyed 42-46 MPG with mostly highway driving (my best was 49 MPG on a 50 mile run). Altitude was...
  8. ECU Tuning
    I'd like to get input from the people who have FLASHPRO. I am looking to see if anyone has kept track of their MPG from before and MPG after reflashing the ECU with FLASHPRO. Dyno tuned and un dynotuned bolton, no boltons welcome. I ask this because for the most part (95%) of the time I drive...
  9. New Member Introductions
    I just got back from the dealership. I finally bought an Si sedan. The car had 3 miles on it. I'm so happy right now. The car is pretty fuel efficient. I cruised around 60-65 mph on the freeway and i-Mid says an average of 42.5 mpg; 95% highway. Of course, driving it around town would be a...
  10. Honda & Civic News
    New 78.5 MPG Honda Civic 1.6-litre i-DTEC Diesel thats what im saying, EPA ease those US emission standardz New 78.5 MPG Honda Civic 1.6-litre i-DTEC Diesel Priced from £19,400 in Britain - Carscoop
  11. Honda & Civic News
    Read the full Special Fuel Economy Models story on AutoGuide.com
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Does anybody know how to reset the avg mpg? I've looked in the book but can't find anything about it!! I've tried the obvious stuff.
  13. Honda & Civic News
    I came across a recent press release from Honda on the Earth Dreams engine program. The following are some excerpts from the release: 2.4L class engine Based on the DOHC and VTEC technologies, it employs VTC and direct injection technology and implements extensive friction reduction...
  14. Hybrids/ CNG
    Driving my hybrid since Sep, already have about 4,000 miles, gone over 500 miles with 2 fule cells remiaining... Any other Civic hybrid drivers want to share thier MPG?
  15. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    fuel economy setup What's the best way to set up for finding out what your fuel economy is; do you do it by trip, a whole tank of gas, several days of driving- etc? And how do you set it up? I have the 2012 sedan EX-L w/nav Thanks, Rich
  16. Honda & Civic News
    Hyundai claims 40 MPG's hwy on the 2011's and even more on the 2012's. I just happened to be browsing fuelly and the stats easily show the Civic is getting far better (although the stats are for combined) and thought I'd share. Here's direct links to the 2011 and 2012 Elantra and the 2012...
  17. California
    As you all know it sucks to live in Los Angeles and So-Cal because of traffic. To make it worse if you don't have a hybrid your gas millage gets killed because of the constant stop and go. So can every one from the So-Cal Area put their current MPG on their new civics. PLEASE FORMAT AS...
  18. Fuel/ Mpg Discussion
    Hi I'm a new car owner! I recently purchased a EX sedan and my first tank of gas (dealership provided) is coming to an end. I was wondering which gas station would you recommend to pump? And also if I should pump regular like the manual says or go higher? And when is it a good time to get more...
1-18 of 27 Results