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  1. Coupe
    Hey, I really want to get the factory splash guards and even though I have the money for it, 104$ is way to much for (4) little pieces of plastic. What did you guys (or girls) install on your car. Not sure if it matters but it's a black Si coupe.
  2. Sedan
    has anyone bought this from this seller? If so, how does it look? Any advice? New Mud Flap Splash Guards Kit Suit for Car 2012 Honda Civic Protect Cars | eBay
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello, Sorry if any of this was previously discussed.. I was interested in getting an aftermarket Head Unit for my 2012 Civic EX (non-navi). Of course I was bummed out reading in the forums that HFL bluetooth would be lost and possibly other functions like the steering wheel controls and/or...
  4. Audio/Video & Navigation
    So it was BEAUTIFUL outside today in NY a nice 52 degrees.. and i got some new things for my Si for Christmas but its been way to cold to put them on so today was the perfect day. SiriusXM radio Mud Guards havent washed my car in a few weeks..clean now
  5. Exterior Styling
    I just installed my mud guards on my 2012 Civic Si Sedan. The Coupe should be about the same process but a slight different. The tools you need. PUSH PINK- to make a pre hole for the screws. STUBBLE SCREW DRIVER- well you know. RAZOR BLADE- cut the rubber liner FRONT 1.Starting at the front...
  6. Sedan
    Okay i ordered a oem Mud flap set for my si sedan..it appears the rear ones don't fit..is anyone having this problem? Is there a Item Number for the si ones out there? The ones i got are 08P00-TR0-100 on these the rear ones do not fit any info would be good thanks
  7. Sedan
    I'm likely going to be upgrading to a 2012 Civic Sedan EX w/ Nav and was wondering what, if any, OEM accessories are recommended. Specifically, I was considering the mud guards and would like feedback on the door edge guards. Thanks.
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey there everyone! After a disgruntling experience with the 2008 Si that I had for 3 years, I just traded it in for a new Polished Metal Metallic LX sedan with a manual transmission. The Si was a blast to drive, but just had way too many problems, partially my fault due to mods and such...
1-8 of 10 Results