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  1. Pandora Issues

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    I have an ipod touch 5th generation. I have the Pandora app installed on it. When I plug the ipod into the usb port in the console, it (not sure if "it" here is the car or the ipod) acts as though Pandora is the native or default music app. The songs I have on my ipod in the native music app...
  2. Late night chill - Music

    Video Room
    Hey everyone. I've been on a kick of listening to good wholesome music late at night. It relaxes me and helps me contemplate my previous days and whats to come. Thought it might be a good idea to share some music. Feel free to post your own or just listen to what others are sharing! To start us...
  3. blank music screen

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    guys.. my music screen goes blank when i play music using an auxilllary. any suggestions as to what could be wrong and how I could fix it?
  4. So when the USB port doesn't find any music...

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    What should I do? Here is my situation: My 2012 Civic EX refuses to stay connected via bluetooth. It's also unpredictable. Sometimes I can go for 15 minutes without a disconnect, but sometimes I get four or five disconnects per minute. It was bad with my iPhone 3 and it's seemingly worse...
  5. iPod Touch Issue

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    Was wondering if anyone could explain why my iPod touch occasionally loses connection and the iMid displays "loading" after music has already been playing while i drive. It may also be important to mention that my iPod nano does not have this issue but unfortunately it is out of space. Any ideas...
  6. Listening to music with aftermarket Pioneer head unit while car is off

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    I was wondering if you turn on the radio or listen to music from a USB flash drive on an aftermarket Pioneer HD radio while the car is off, will it drain the battery? I mean if you listened to it for 1 hour would it be bad? How long could you do it. It says in the manual not to do it but I...
  7. Civic EX Bluetooth music streaming disables dialing

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    Hi, When I connect my Samsung phone to my Civic's Bluetooth HFL, most of the time the phone immediately launches the music player application. Once I am in this application, I no longer get any sound through my speakers when I dial the phone using the HFL. The only times the HFL works...
  8. Organization of USB Music is Horrible! I must be doing something wrong here...

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    2012 Si with factory stock radio. No Navi, just my iMIDI screen. My USB music comes up fine but instead of seeing artists and then subfolders of albums being in those it's just ALL albums. It is organized by alphabetical order (as in artist A's albums are first, then B, then C, etc.) but all I...
  9. Music info on iMID

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    I couldn't find a thread with helpful information on this so sorry if one already exist. Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows how to display the music information on the iMID using blue tooth connectivity? I have an android and the music plays when it is connected but it does not display any...
  10. Bluetooth music is shuffling.

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    I have been using Google Music... Or Play Music as it's now called. The music shuffles from song to song on my car but plays in order when not connected. I hate shuffling. Only thing I have not tried (and will hopefully be the solution) is checking if the car has a shuffle or random setting on...
  11. iPod iOS 5.1 Problems Playing Music

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    has anyone been able to play music from their ipod or iphone running the latest iOS 5.1 firmware? i kept getting "Unsupported" message when i plugged it in through the USB port. message kept coming up on iMID display. Any ideas?
  12. Music Player Sort Order

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    I play music in my Civic using a thumb drive. I would like to play my music in an ordered fashion ie. track1,track2,track3..... I can't seem to get the music to play that way though. I have the play more set to "Normal" and it plays the tracks in a strange order. I've tried changing the file...
  13. Problems with Bluetooth Music - Won't Play Next Song

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    Hi guys, I've been happy with playing music over BTA until recently. At first, I could easily use the steering wheel controls to skip to the next or previous song, but this no longer works. After one song finishes, the next starts playing on my phone's music player, but will not play over...
  14. Good amp for rock music

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    i just got the ex today and was wondering what would be a good amp, I would like it loud. thanks
  15. iPhone: Music won't play via USB if Bluetooth is on

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    Hi ! I just had my new 2012 LX and I just love my new civic. I only have one problem... When my bluetooth is on, and my iPhone is connected with the i-mid system, I'm unable to listen to music via USB port. In fact, i-mid recognize the iPhone, i see the files, i can move from one to another and...
  16. 2012 Civic, one of the most anticipated vehicles of 2011

    Honda & Civic News
    2012 Civic engine: K series or something new? Are they still keeping the k20 engine in the 2012 civic or is there something new to look forward too? I love my civic as much anyone does but sometimes I'm left wanting a faster motor..... :(