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  1. New Civic Natural Gas w/ NAV Member

    New Member Introductions
    Hello, New member here. I know the 2013's are on its way but the incentives on the 2012 are too good to pass. Huge Dealer Discounts, 0.9% APR Financing, California White HOV Sticker, & a $3,000 Gas card. Oh yea, and it's not too bad for the environment.... I've driven about 1400 miles on it...
  2. Honda To Give Civic Natural Gas Buyers $3,000 in Free Fuel

    Hybrids/ CNG
    Honda To Give Civic Natural Gas Buyers $3,000 in Free Fuelhttp://www.insideline.com/honda/civic/2012/honda-to-give-civic-natural-gas-buyers-3000-in-free-fuel.html
  3. Go Go 2012 Civic Natural Gas!

    Hybrids/ CNG
    Howdy folks! Looks like a lot of people on this site are SI owners, but I'm the proud owner of a 2012 Civic Natural Gas! I traded in my 2009 Civic GX (which also ran on natural gas, but for some reason, Honda changed the badge from GX to "Natural Gas" for 2012). Before that, I had a 2001...
  4. Performance parts for Honda Civic Natural Gas?

    Hybrids/ CNG
    I was wondering if anybody knew if there were bolt-on performance parts for the Honda Civic Natural Gas car? I currently have a 2007 Si sedan, but I have a long commute and want to spend less on fuel. Obviously the CNG car has less power and an auto trans so I was wondering if there was a way...
  5. Honda says 2012 Civic inventory is "virtually zero" due to natural disasters

    Honda & Civic News
    Honda says 2012 Civic inventory is "virtually zero" due to natural disasters Honda would love nothing more than to sell a boatload of Civic sedans and coupes. Problem is, there just aren't enough of them to go around. Speaking to Inside Line, Chuck Schifsky, an American Honda Motor Co...
  6. 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas Starts At $26,155

    Honda & Civic News
    The only natural gas production car to be manufactured and sold in the United States, the all-new 2012 Honda Civic Natural Gas will be available at 200 dealers across 38 states beginning on October 18th. Prices for this one-of-a-kind alternative energy vehicle begins at $26,155. The Civic...
  7. Natural Gas Powered Honda Civic GX Gets California HOV Access Until 2015

    Hybrids/ CNG
    Honda, which is currently the only manufacturer in the United States selling a dedicated compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle, might see a significant spike in demand for the Civic GX model. The reason? Honda has announced that the Civic Natural Gas will qualify for the White Clean Air Vehicle...
  8. 2012 Civic Natural Gas due for nationwide roll-out

    Honda & Civic News
    A lot of people wouldn’t know it, but Honda has offered a compressed natural gas (CNG) variant of its Civic for the past 14 years. That was because it was a minority. Formerly called the Civic GX, it was sold nationwide to fleet customers since 1998, and since 2005 to retail customers first in...
  9. 2012 Civic natural gas GX

    Hybrids/ CNG
    The natural gas-burning Honda Civic GX has been around since 1998, and even though the Environmental Protection Agency anointed it the cleanest internal combustion vehicle in history, sales have been less than brisk. There are quite a few reasons the Civic doesn't sell in high volume...