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  1. Weird noise from driver side of car (when decelerating or slow engage in 1st gear)

    Mechanical Problems & Technical Chat
    Hi everyone, I've been having this weird noise appear on the drivers side, what sounds to be towards the middle-rear or sometimes under the front tire/suspension area. The noise sounds like dropping a metal rod (think like dropping a camping tent tie rod on a concrete floor or dropping a small...
  2. New Car + Coilovers = Rattling/Aging Faster?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    I know when you get a new car everything is perfect and no rattling or any sort of creeking inside the cabin/interior of your car. But as the car ages it makes more noises regarding grabing the doors, going over a bump etc etc. On my Eclipse I put coils on my car at around 100k and drove it to...
  3. Si Valvetrain noise - Cold engine

    Drivetrain Problems
    The morning temps in Nashville have been dipping into the 50's the past few days. I've been noticing a rattling noise from the engine around 2,500-3,000RPM when the engine is cold. Sounds like valvetrain noise (valves?) and is very noticable. Once the engine is warm, the noise goes away. Anybody...
  4. Clicking clutch

    Drivetrain Problems
    Strange Tranny or cluth noise. Hey i got a 2012 Civic LX manual sedan. I have noticed that when im changing gears i hear a light thud or pop. it usually happens when i put the cluch in, and then when i change gears i hear the transitioning of the gears. Usually only happens in the first 2-3...