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  1. Pioneer FH-X700BT Double-DIN into LX (non-premium stock unit)

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I'm looking at replacing the head unit in my '12 LX sedan as I think it might just be enough to satisfy what i'm looking for. Still keeping stock speakers (for now), but I think the extra power, cleaner sound, and 5 EQ bands should be a nice upgrade. Just double checking some things: 1. I know...
  2. Adding amps while keeping stock LX (non-premium) HU

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    This is kind of two fold. I want to keep the stock HU because this car is a lease so I am considering the Audio Control LC2i and the JL Audio Cleansweep. First off, any opinions (actual experience please). Also, do both the front and rear get full range (20-20khz) signals or is something...
  3. Premium audio system in non-premium car?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I put a DSP together with amp with the EX's non-premium radio and I can't handle the poor quality. Wish to install a single DIN Pioneer but don't want to lose the iMID song display and bluetooth. So I am thinking to get the premium audio in my EX to get the differential balanced signal directly...