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  1. Suspension & Brakes
    Hi all, For those of you who live in the Northeast region (I'm in CT) - during winter season (ice, snow, etc), have any of you had problems with your e-brake freezing? This has never happened on my last 2 manual cars, but just wanted to hear from the civic owners, especially the Si. Thanks :D
  2. North-East
    Ayo! Everyone in the Northeast US is eligible to join the Northeast Crew here at 9thgen! Go over to http://www.9thgencivic.com/forum/crew-clubs/10281-northeast-9th-gen-crew.html to get more info and sign up! Props to CivicMx for starting it up!
  3. Crew/Clubs!!
    Welcome! Official 9thGen NorthEast Crew Thread Rules/Requirements 1. Own a 9thgencivic 2. Live in the NorthEast 3. Be a member of this forum 4. Represent this crew in your signature 5. Post 1 pic of your ride 6. Help your fellow members! NorthEast States: Maine, Vermont, New...
  4. Wheels and Tires
    Any si owners from the northeast where snow is a factor here? What do you guys do in the winter for tires and rims?
  5. Mid-Atlantic
    I'm looking for someone to do a head gasket replacement on a 1997 accord. Yes I know this is not a civic (and not a 9th gen at that) but rather than sign up for a different forum, I thought I would ask if anyone around here has a good (cheap) mechanic. I want to do it myself but I've never done...
  6. North-East
    Figure Since no one has done it in my area I would... Any one in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, or close by, Come into this thread! WELCOME! Lets see how many 9th gen owners we have around! Possible meet in the near future! (once everyone gets their civics) Also help with mods...
1-6 of 6 Results