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  1. Exterior
    Title says it all!! Think i'm gonna try em haha!! AVAILABLE HERE AND AVAILABLE HERE Thanks to Smoke Ditty
  2. Canada
    I live in a town of 1300 people, and I have yet to find another 9th gen SI in this area till last night. Just found out my neighbour has a TW HFP Coupe! Woot I'm not alone in this world no more :3
  3. Video Room
    Video: Kids Go To Far: Make Old Lady On The Bus Cry! If these were my kids (LUCKY ME they're not mine!) OOOOOOO WATCH OUT.
  4. Honda & Civic News
    From what I have heard, it looks like Honda is going to go the retro route for their redesign of the honda civic for 2013. Because of the success of the American muscle cars using the retro theme, they believe it will work for them. [/IMG]
1-4 of 6 Results