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  1. Canada
    I'm going in for my G test on the 31st of August and based on DriveTest's website, the examiner asks you how much highway experience you have. Now I do have quite a lot IMHO. I commute to a university in the US and 80% of the way I'm on the highway, and I've been going there since January this...
  2. Canada
    Hey guys, I live in Vaughan, ON and I'm looking for a performance shop or garage to buy an CAI, lowering springs and a Magnaflow universal muffler. I don't ever buy anything online because I like going into actual stores and speaking with real people before buying parts. My best option right...
  3. Canada
    Kplayground Winter Tires DEAL 2013!! PM us or email [email protected] for all inquires!
  4. Canada
    Hello Gentlemen! I've got myself a 2012 Civic Lx Coupe and am wonder if there's any meets in the south west area of ontario. If anyone has details that would be awesome. And also what you all suggest for first mods! Thanks for the look, Stecels Sent from my SGH-I747M using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  5. Canada
    Heya this is for Ontario members. Alot of you know I moved from Ontario recently, and my entire family is still there. I am just checking in to make sure everyone is safe after that snowstorm. Throw up some pics of your civic today :p And I hope none of you were out on the roads today, and if...
  6. Canada
    Hi there, Can anyone recommend a good place in Ontario (or Canada) where I can get reasonably priced metal or graphite pedals for my Civic? Canadian Tire doesn't really seem to have anything. Thanks! grcboy77
  7. Canada
    I'll be getting a 2012/13 Civic LX, 5MT in the next few months. Kinda leaning towards the 2013. I would think that there may still be a few 2012's lurking around until then, esp in a 5sp. (Just waiting for an employment situation to pan out, that was supposed to happen in Jan but has been pushed...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Yesterday I passed a white 2012 civic Si like my own on the yellowhead in Edmonton but they had an Ontario plate on it. I zipped up, honked my horn twice and took off after a little VW golf. Just FYI and someone please correct me if i'm wrong but you can't get a speeding ticket or red light...
  9. New Member Introductions
    Bought A 2012 civic si sedan about a month ago from Honda House in Chatham, ON and love it. Upgraded from a 2008 Honda Fit (which was a blast to drive - like a go kart) and this thing is just as much fun. Not going to do much modifying to it though I would like to put some HID lights in and...
  10. Crew/Clubs!!
    This crew is for anyone who resides in Ontario, CANADA! Rules 1. Own a 9th gen civic 2. Live in Ontario 3. Respect others 4. Obey all forum rules, and praise AlienPrime 5. Enjoy! To join post Location - Name and Member number you want, also when accepted please put Ontario 9THGEN Crew in...
  11. Canada
    Anyone know any good dyno shops near Barrie. Im going to be putting my order in for the ultimate racing downpipe and cat-back exhaust and wanted to get the car dynoed to see what type of gains I get with the injen intake aswell.
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi. I have had several civics. 03 silver 30th anniversary DX-G sedan, 07 silver 5 spd DXG sedan, '10 blue DX-G sedan auto and tomorrow a '12 Polished metal metallic LX 5 spd coupe. loved every civic ive had. Great fuel mileage and fun to drive. Anyone else here from guelph/Rockwood area want to...
  13. Canada
    Hey guys, I just bought my first car; a 2012 Civic SI coupe in Crystal Pearl Black. Being my first time purchasing experience; I didn't really know what to expect from the dealers. I am from Mississauga, Ontario and I had to go all 4 Honda dealerships in town before coming to a deal with the...
  14. Canada
    Hey, I wanted to brush up on my manual driving (its been years since I drove manual) before I purchase my SI coupe...I didn't wanna stall the engine as I'm driving it off the lot, lol. I was wondering if anyone knew I would be able to rent a manual car in the GTA (preferably near mississauga)...
  15. Canada
    hey guys just wondering if anyone else is going to the CSCS season opener on the 3rd its an awesome day if youve never been loads of cars!! there is show n shine, autocross, time attack and drags its great!! hopefully there is some 9th gen love there!!
  16. Gatherings and Meets
    Hey everybody just wondering if i have any si sedans in my area. I'm in Burlington anyone close by??
  17. Canada
    Hi Everyone, Anyone have an idea how often Honda offers low financing on their Civics? It looks like they are offering 1.99 (over 60mths) percent for this month. I am in the process of selling my car, and I am very interested in a civic. I was wondering how often they do this, because I...
  18. Canada
    Check this page out and LIKE the page if you support the cause and all the reasons presented. We need big number to take the case further, so if you do, please make sure to LIKE it. facebook.com/stop100 Increase Ontario 400-series Highway Speed Limit
1-19 of 27 Results