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  1. Red or Black Tail Light Overlays? Blacked Out or Carbon Fiber Roof?

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    I have a silver 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe and was wondering what people thought would look better Red or Black overlays for the tail lights? Blacked out or carbon fiber for the roof or don't change the roof at all.
  2. Just Purchased a 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe in Silver and Need Feedback on Mods

    Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hey everyone this is my first post! I just bought a new 2015 Honda Civic Si Coupe in Silver. This is my first Si, I bought the silver because I have yet to see one on the road and wanted something different then the usual black. I've been looking online for pictures of the same car with any...
  3. Opinions on LED Angel Eyes?

    So like the title says, what are your opinions on LED angel eyes as part of a quad retrofit. Like the BMW style headlights: I'm thinking about doing a quad retrofit with Morimoto Mini H1's and the white LED angel eyes as Daytime Running Lights.
  4. Opinions and advice please!

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So i'm getting a 12'' kicker with a crunch ground pounder 800.2. Will it produce a clean/nice ass sound? And do i need to change my HU as well? I'm new to this stuff, so don't hate too much please hahaha.
  5. website and wheel opinions? First time buying rims =D

    Wheels and Tires
    Pre-med student finally saved enough money to get some rims... 2012 PMM Civic coupe Lx So im getting XXR 521 from Nlmotoring.com Does anyone know about this site?? sound reliable? Nlmotoring.com Few questions about these rims: Here are the Specs, Will it fit my car and what Tire size should I...
  6. Need some opinions for rims!

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey all, new member here and a proud owner of my first Honda! I own a 2012 Lx Sedan in Crystal black and was hoping i could find a couple ideas for what i can replace these awful wheel covers with.
  7. Opinions for Blue Car Black Roof.

    I'd like to put black overlay on the roof of the blue car. I like the look of white car black roof, and i thought "Why not on my blue car?". Opinions? Is the car going to look like a full blown ricer? Yay or no.
  8. Your opinions on getting cargo hook and door edge guards

    I was wondering what people's opinions were on buying accessories like cargo hook and door edge guards. And are the installations of both pretty straightforward? Also are door edge guards really effective? (Not that I am careless about flinging my doors open or anything but still ...)
  9. Flipped license plate.. opinions?

    So I flipped my license plate today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Any opinions?
  10. Hate to do this, but need opinions

    Whats up everyone.. it's been awhile, been too busy with work lately. I finally caved and bought my girl a ring, so with having to pay for a wedding and with us moving in August and looking to buy a house I have to sell my baby :( Just need to get rid of this payment because it would free up...
  11. Opinions on Accuracy Automovitve, Chesapeake, VA?

    ECU Tuning
    Hey all, The time for my FlashPro tune (with intake and DP) has come, and I've been referred to a gentleman named Chad Sawyer at Accuracy Automotive in southern VA. Has anyone used him? From what he tells me hes the only Hondata dealer around there and knows Hondas well. The only downside is...
  12. Opinions and Advice for DRL.

    Merry Christmas y'all. I just want to get your opinions and advice about these drl. I hate the yellow stock drl with a passion so i am planning to get some new ones. What y'all think? Mtec Super Bright White 1157 7528 Light Bulbs | Turn Signal Lights this one says just plug and play 9005 LED...
  13. PlastiDip my Honda Civic Si Crystal Black 2012 - opinions & pros and cons

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    We had a discussion with me wife about plasti dipping her new Honda. I know a guy who runs an auto body shop in Yonkers, NY and I would not have to pay a penny for labor and a car paintining booth. I would have to get a pro kit myself. I want to plastidip the car because for some reason my...
  14. 2013 Honda Civic Styling Tweaked for More Mass Appeal

    Honda & Civic News
    Read the full 2013 Honda Civic story and see more photos at AutoGuide.com.
  15. Opinions on a Chicago 9th gen crew (Illinois)

    Just wondering if any 9th gener's in Illinois, or in the chicago land area for that matter are interested in helping form a 9th gen civic crew here. (Both k24 Si's and r18 civics are welcome). If any of you guys are interested...(The scene's been kinda dead, time to bring some life to it ;))...
  16. Northeast 9th gen Crew

    Welcome! Official 9thGen NorthEast Crew Thread Rules/Requirements 1. Own a 9thgencivic 2. Live in the NorthEast 3. Be a member of this forum 4. Represent this crew in your signature 5. Post 1 pic of your ride 6. Help your fellow members! NorthEast States: Maine, Vermont, New...
  17. New member/Need opinions!!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone from SoCal! My name is Aaron and I just bought a brand new 2012 Civic Si, white. I'm sorry if this isn't the right section for this post, I'm a newb. Anyway, I have a little money that I want to put into the car and these are my options. #1 HID retro fit - $600.00 with TSX...
  18. yet another audio upgrade thread. opinions??

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    here is YET another audio upgrade thread.. first off im NOT replacing my head unit.. my NAVI will stay.. it has the iMID integration i want.. and all. so it STAYS.. I went to a local reputable car audio show (columbus car audio).. and i got a different answer than I expected.. first they...
  19. Need some opinions!!

    9th Gen Civic Site News
    gonna split up some of the sections between Si and non Si versions..... so basically heres what i want to know.... do you want it to say Non Si, Fb2/ FG3 section. On 8th gen site they have 8th gen sedan and coupe (r18 owners) which we could use..... what would you guys prefer or any...
  20. Need opinions

    SimplyHIDkit Hid kit or DDMtuning hid kit? Im wanna choose between these two but which one would i be better off with