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  1. 12v outlet and USB not working

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    My USB and cigarette 12v outlet isn't working in the center console. It was a couple of days ago and all of a sudden it stopped. I checked the fuse (#12 interior) and it was fine. Just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what could be wrong. Thanks in advance adam
  2. 12v Outlet in Trunk

    Hey guys i'd like to have a 12v outlet installed in my trunk for a variety of uses... Any idea where i can source the power from? Trunk light is too low voltage and amperage :(
  3. Where's my rear power outlet?

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    I have a Canadian model Civic EX 5-speed sedan. At 2012 Honda Civic Sedan Comparison of All Civic Sedan Trims it shows that the EX trim comes with 2 12V DC power outlets. In the owner's manual, it shows the second outlet beside the USB port inside the center console. But all I have in there is...