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  1. Audio/Video & Navigation
    My USB and cigarette 12v outlet isn't working in the center console. It was a couple of days ago and all of a sudden it stopped. I checked the fuse (#12 interior) and it was fine. Just wondering if anyone else had any ideas on what could be wrong. Thanks in advance adam
  2. Interior
    Hey guys i'd like to have a 12v outlet installed in my trunk for a variety of uses... Any idea where i can source the power from? Trunk light is too low voltage and amperage :(
  3. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have a Canadian model Civic EX 5-speed sedan. At 2012 Honda Civic Sedan Comparison of All Civic Sedan Trims it shows that the EX trim comes with 2 12V DC power outlets. In the owner's manual, it shows the second outlet beside the USB port inside the center console. But all I have in there is...
1-3 of 3 Results