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  1. Installing fog light overlays worth it?

    Exterior Styling
    Hi, I have a question about fog light overlays I just bought some for my 2015 Si Coupe and I don't want to mess up and not even sure it's worth I keep hearing that people have them melt.. are there any videos on installation and if they do melt how do you get them off? Any help would be great...
  2. Turn Signal Overlays

    Installed my turn signal overlays from Grafixpressions Before one side done after
  3. Drl overlays

    I found some amber overlays for my drls,but they only have them for 8th gen coupes.Does any body know if they would come anywhere close to fiting 9th gens.The housings look pretty close to the same shape.And if not does anyone know a company that sells them precut for 9ths.
  4. GRFXP.com Taillight Overlays Installed

    Thought maybe it was too cold to install the overlays but went for it anyway and they came out fine. Just took a couple quick pics. Ive ordered from them in the past so I bought again with confidence and they didnt let me down. Great product, good communication and fast shipping.
  5. White Si overlays, what do you guys think?

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  6. Blue Batmobile's Yellow Fog Overlays

    Came nicely packaged with instructions. One thing I didn't like about it was that they were too short from the sides. Although they were short on the sides, it didn't show after it was screwed back on. It would have been easier if there was more slack though. After about 20 minutes driving...
  7. FREE SHIPPING on Blue Batmobile Roof Overlays, through November 30th!

    Vendor Showcase!!!
    Hey guys! I'm offering FREE SHIPPING on all my 9th gen Roof Overlays, through November 30th, 2012! Email me to order. Must mention this post to get free shipping ;). [email protected]
  8. amber overlays?

    im looking for an amber overlay for the reverse/signal area on the taillight. i see grafixpressions only seems to have orange as the closest thing to amber. does anyone know anyone who has tried this or maybe knows where to get amber overlay from. ive done a search and seem to only find orange
  9. Fog light and Taillight Overlays installed!

    I just finished up installing some transparent overlays and thought I should share some pics.
  10. Screw the overlays, Just got my foglights in Finally!

    After getting it in the mail for a while now, Finally stopped being lazy and got my lights installed PIAA plasma Ion Yellow H11. :D It looks awesome and goes so well with the 10k HIDs. :D I will post pics soon in case anyone wondering the look of it, but I am sure there are millions pictures...
  11. Blacked out emblems complete!

    Hey guys as you may or may not remember from one of my last posts, i plastidipped my emblems. I wasn't planning on doing the Si emblem as i liked how it shined from all the rest of the other emblems, but i ordered a overlay from grfxexpression.com for them and i got them last night and put them...
  12. here is where you can purchase precision fit fog + tailight overlays

    hard to find, come in variety of colors and made of great quality, a tint guy with a heat gun can install them in less than 15 mins for cheap. gives your ride a nice look. Civic Smoke Taillight Overlays Blinker Signal Smoked TINT Vinyl K24 Film JDM FG3 items in JDMfanatic store on eBay!
  13. Put on my new overlays!

    Ordered my overlays from [email protected], great guy and fast deileveries reasonable prices. I decided to do it my self rather than pay for someone else to do it it probably would have looked better if someone else did it buy ill live its not perfect around the edges but i got the air bubbles out easy...
  14. Bluebatmobile overlays!

    Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Just got back from meeting up with Bluebatmobile...he took all the measurements from my si sedan ....NOW time for Overlays haha ..siick cant wait!
  15. Blue Batmobile's doing my coupe!!!!!!!

    Just met up with Blue Batmobile, he took patterns for the front and rear lights, friday he's gonna do the roof. This guy's legit and friendly. After the talk we had, am super stoked to be working with him on my coupe. Im basically going to get everything done possible so you guys will have an...
  16. Seeking Coupe and Sedan Owners in the San Diego/Socal area for Overlays!

    Hey guys. Some of you may know me already, I'm Blue Batmobile :). I make Overlays for many different cars, including the 8th gen civics. I'm currently seeking a coupe and sedan owner in the San Diego area or nearby, to create overlays for your vehicle :). Click on my link below to see my work...