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  1. Interior mods
    Hey guys, wanted to pick your brains on something that drives me nuts every time I drive my car. I've had some work done on the driver's side door in a vain attempt to fix a design flaw on my car (when the window's all the way up, there's an air leak somewhere in the door panel). As a result, I...
  2. Interior Styling
    After painful hours and lots of work I finally figured it out and it looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! =D I got it installed and had to take it down as I am painting the extra brackets black I bought to make it all work. I got to keep my Visors and they fold down and work...
  3. Interior Styling
    DIY: Door Panel Removal on DX/LX/EX Sedan Didn't see any guides for an non-si door removal. Hope this will help for anyone who needs to do this! Step 1. Release the locking tab and pull out the plastic piece inside the door handle. Remove the screw underneath. 2. Pry the entire switch...
  4. Interior mods
    Can anyone from a dealership or maybe collegehillshonda...confirm if we will be able to swap in the following parts into the 2012? Notice were the red arrow points, sticks out alot longer then on the 2012..so guessing all components dotted red need replacing...or is it possible to just replace...
  5. Interior mods
    I was driving home yesterday with the sun at my back and noticed the actual architecture of the 9th gen Civic's instrument panel. It looks flat under any light but direct light, but it's not. Just thought I put it out here if anyone hasn't seen it in this light, if you'll pardon the pun.
  6. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I recently installed a 12 inch sub in my ex and now the rear panel where the stock speakers are located rattle when the music is on even with the sub turned down. It doesn't appear to be coming from any of the speakers themselves but the panel. Any boby know how to dampen and get rid of that...
  7. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I was tryin to remove the rear panel where the rear speakers are but can't figure out exactly how to do it any help is appreciated thanks! 9th gen civic exl
  8. Interior mods
    The front right window glass of my Civic LX has been broken. When the auto glass installer fixed it, he cut the plastic layer inside the door (which sticked to the door with some caulky, dark adhensive) off and throw it away. He installed the glass without putting the plastic thing back and told...
  9. Interior Problems
    I need help, I need to replace my passenger side mirror and I need to know how to remove our door panel. Thanks
  10. Interior Problems
    Removed all the plastic fasteners on 2102 civic front pass. door panel, the "armrest" seems attached,preventing me from removing the panel. Please help! As ineed to replace the mirror. Thanks! Robert
  11. Audio/Video/Navi
    Hello all. I have been reading this forum for a few months before deciding to get my Civic. Wanted an Si but was given too good of a deal on the EX-L. Anyway, I've been waiting to see if anyone got around to removing the rear panels to replace the stock speakers and posting a DIY but I gave in...
  12. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I took my fb2 in to the dealer to get checked out on some electrical issues it had, etc. When i recieved it, i noticed the instrument lights dim when i turn on the headlights. Is this normal? Can i control if it dims or how much? To be honest i did not notice if it did this before i took it in...
  13. Interior Problems
    I had a coupe and I knew how to pull the handle plastic to expose the screw holding in the door panel, but the sedan is different. I see the clip behind the door handle, but where are the other screws and how do you get to them? Thanks Sent from my A100 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  14. Interior
    The lights look good even though my floor is dirty lol But I couldn't snap my panel back into place =[[[ I got the drivers one snapped back in but couldn't get the passenger side. Anyone know how to snap it back on as it looks kinda ugly. THANK YOU!!!
  15. Audio/Video & Navigation
    Heyy hopefully im speaking for many of the people here when i ask if someone can nicely take some photos or a video on how to remove both the door panel and to get the rear deck off in the Civic Sedan models. I've looked around and i can't find anything for the sedan, so if someone may do this...
  16. Interior Problems
    Hello guys.... I have a problem with door panel I have PMM EX model and when i close my front Driver side window, i can feel my door panel move almost half a inch outside (i mean to say towards driver) and when i open window it again goes back inside towards door. I called dealer and he said...
  17. Interior Problems
    Hello, I have an Si Sedan with "Premium Audio" which isn't very premium. Lol. Anyways when I'm jamming out with the windows up it's fine. But when I lower my driver side window the door pannel rattles/makes noise which is anything! It's I roll the window up enough where it's showing it stops...
1-17 of 27 Results