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  1. Exterior
    I've had this discussion with a few other car owners and wanted your thoughts. The 3 dial settings on the Civic is "Off", "Parking Lights" (two light bulb symbols facing each other), and "headlights" (big single bulb symbol) which also engages the parking lights of course. Pretty much all...
  2. Interior Problems
    So this week when i put the car into park and try to take the key out of the ignition switch [ position 0 ] it wouldn't come out. I would literally have to sit for a couple minutes and struggle to take it out. Called dealership and told me to bring it in, but the problem disappeared once i got...
  3. Coupe
    Did anyone install this before??? Curb Alert Pro Parking Sensor | eBay Curb Alert Front Parking Sensor
  4. Sedan
    I stopped @ the post office to pick up my mail. I couldn't have been in there for more than 5mins. I come out and some idiot hit the front driver's side bumper of my Si. No structural damage, but the paint has been completely scraped off (about the size of a softball but oblong). I consider...
  5. Audio/Video & Navigation
    I'll be installing a Pioneer AVH-P3400 into a 2012 Civic LX sedan tomorrow and the only thing that is completely unclear to me is how to access the parking brake wire. I do not want to bypass this safety feature as the car doesn't belong to me (it's my brother's). Has anyone else installed an...
  6. Drivetrain Problems
    Park, place in neutral, engage emergency brake, turn off engine, place car in gear, or just the use of emergency brake, could also depend if on incline or not.:eek3dancesmiley:
  7. Exterior
    Hey everyone im just wondering if this is possible?? I like to drive especially at dusk with just my parking lights with fogs on but cant do this with my si.. Is there a bypass or something i can do?? Could the Daytime run lights possibly cause this issue?? Anyone disable their daytime run...
  8. Coupe
    Today after leaving a customer appointment for work I was straight up just not paying attention and didn't remember that one of those concrete parking dividers was right under my bumper. The parking lot was open but a fair amount of spots were taken, so I didn't remember that those were even...
  9. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Hi everyone, I have a 2012 Si and I am used to driving alone or only having one passenger in the car. However, the other day I had a fully loaded car and didn't think about how all those people will lower my ground clearance and when I pulled into a parking spot, I scraped the bottom of my...
  10. Drivetrain Problems
    Metal bang noise Anyone hear that when the car is not moving? I heard it from the front of the car with either the engine running or not. What are some likely causes? It sounds like some popping of the metal. Sent from my HTC Desire HD A9191 using AutoGuide App
  11. Pictures and Images
    Finally ran into a garage/elevator parking style in Japan My wife took some pics of it...hard to see it in action, she was slow with the camera. I never had seen these except for FnF Tokyo Drift, lol. We went to Tony Roma's in Aomori. Luckily the Japanese dude was there to help. You...
1-11 of 12 Results