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  1. Pictures of Undercarriage?

    9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Hey guys! :icon_wave: I've been doing some feasibility research for a project of mines and I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of their 2012/2013 Civic SI undercarriage? Preferably without the shielding. It's surprisingly difficult to find. If anyone is.. oh I don't know.. about to get...
  2. A couple pictures of progress!

    Just took a few pictures with the new aero kit installed, Gold rpf1's are waitin to be put on as soon as the snow is all gone!
  3. Finally got some pictures of my car! :)

    Pictures and Images
    My CBP Civic Si Coupe 2012. Any 9thgens in the 805?
  4. Random NSX Pictures & new goodies!

    Pictures and Images
    Enjoy! Mounted up some fresh BBS LM wheels & Bridgestone Potenza RE tires... Along with some other new goodies... Custom S2CarbonWorks GT Intake manifold cover plate: Custom S2CarbonWorks GT Coolant Tank: Tank (before fittings & installation) And last but not least, the...
  5. First new car, honda civic 2012 LX coupe black

    New Member Introductions
    hi new member here, today i got my first car for new years, its the black honda civic coupe. I was wondering what tint % should I tint my windows? any one here have a black honda civic lx coupe 2012 thats tinted? pictures? :)
  6. Around Thailand - general pictures of cars and other things - RobSBP will like it

    Pictures and Images
    Is this topic allowed? It's harmless....Let's see
  7. DIY 2012 Civic SI HID Install With Pictures!

    Hi guys, so I decided to make a DIY on HID Install for a 2012 Civic SI which is also my car. I hope this helps with ease of install for you I think you will find it useful. Start off by disconnecting the negative and positive battery terminals and removing the battery from the car. It...
  8. Went out and took some pictures of my TW R18 :) [Image Heavy]

    Pictures and Images
    My Lx 18inch Hfp wheels 8thgen Si Axleback Foglight upgrade 12 Si grill upgrade Tinted front windshield strip 5% Tinted 35% all around...had to take my fronts off :( 12 Si spoiler upgrade Plastidip rear emblem Plastidip lower rear bumper 9thgencivic.com sticker Hids Plastidip civic door sills...
  9. afe intake lots of pictures

    Intakes and TB Spacers
  10. Washed and waxed today!

    Pictures and Images
    Washed and waxed ! Going to get hids tomorrow needs to be lowered and needs some new wheels but ain't sure on what to go with? Sent from my Autoguide iPhone app
  11. Anyone have DDM 6000k's with pictures they can post?

    Ive got 8000k's on my cbr and like them but am running LED DRL's and wanted to see if DDM's 6000k matched the DRL's better. My cousin just recently installed a 6000k volt kit in his and it was just too white and boring. Im not looking for a ricey blue but something more like my LED's. post up...
  12. '12 HFP Si 'Nao E Roz' build thread -Paving the 9th road (warning/lots of pictures)

    Build Section
    hello everyone, welcome to my build / DIY / recent news thread. If your reading this right now then im still in the process of putting together my photo album and writing up some DIY's with good descriptions. Here's a little background info about myself. I used to have an 8th gen sedan that...
  13. Took Some Pictures Today

    Pictures and Images
    Cleaned Sheila Up Today And Took Her To My Back Yard.
  14. Pictures on the IMID

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    how do i put pictures on this thing?!? do i need to use a flash drive or somethin?
  15. Skunk2 Springs

    Suspension & Brakes
    I just spoke to a person at project JDM and they told me that the 8th gen skunk2 springs fit on the new 9th gen civic si. Can anyone comment on what they have tried or if this is even true?
  16. DIY Remote Start/Alarm with pictures

    Hey guys, so here is a remote start/alarm DIY on my Si Coupe. I used a Viper 5901 (5704) along with the smart start addon (VSM200) to control from my phone. To bypass the immobilizer, I used an Audiovox FLCAN. I'll be a thorough as possible, there are a couple pics I forgot to snap along the...
  17. Need pictures of license plate lights please

    Hey guys I just put on in, and its kinda dim, but i think i like it like that. does anybody have pictures of the kplayground ones or collegehills one so i can compare? thanks!
  18. Sneak Peek of 2013 Civic!

    Honda & Civic News
    From what I have heard, it looks like Honda is going to go the retro route for their redesign of the honda civic for 2013. Because of the success of the American muscle cars using the retro theme, they believe it will work for them. [/IMG]
  19. Update: Audio Pictures posted for VIP Civic

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hello guys, I'm new to the forum, but have been in the import world for quite some time. My fiance recently got into a car accident on her way to pick me up from school. Luckily she was okay and did not sustain any major injuries. Insurance was quite generous and awarded us 17k for her 2007...
  20. Took a few pictures today

    Pictures and Images
    Nothing special, stock civic. Hope you enjoy OLD PICTURE, GOT LED REVERSE BULBS (iPhone Picture)