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  1. Odd 'crackle' sound coming from driverside front pillar [video clip]

    Interior Problems
    Okay guys. I have a weird sound coming from the driver side pillar, right by the tweeter. It literally sounds like ice breaking/crackling. It's odd 'cause it only happens for about 5 minutes or so (sporadically) and then it goes away. Happens almost every morning/late night. It's been cold (mid...
  2. Pillar Lighting Idea

    Hey Fellas, My mom has a 2nd Gen Mini Cooper and I love the interior pillar mood lights. For those who are looking for subtle lighting these lights are the ticket. Only problem that I can see is making some sort of cover for the hole that will need to be cut. Any ideas? Do you see any possible...
  3. A pillar tweeter, worthless?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Does any music come out of your A pillar tweeters? All I get is a faint hissy noise with my ear pressed up against it. 4 other people get the same result. 2012 sedan EX-L Navi with the 160 watt, no sub system. All balance and faders centered. Took it to the dealer and compared to 2 other cars...
  4. Scraped the Si on a pillar :(

    So I pulled out of my garage a little fast this morning and turned a bit to early. Luckily I barely scraped the pillar. Still pissed though. Gonna get a quote sometime this week to get it fixed. I buffed out what I could and I'm actually happy with the results. Over exposed but it was 0dark30...
  5. A pillar tweeter removal

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Anyone know how you get the A pillar tweeter out? I need to see if the connections are good since it gets static when you go over bumps or rumble strips. The trim panel says that it has an air bag in it so I'm a little hesitant to just go pulling it off. I'm also thinking of just putting better...
  6. A pillar tweeter replacement and front door speaker replacement.

    After my fiasco with replacing the rear deck speakers on my LX Coupe I still have an alpine component system to replace the fronts with. The fronts are supposed to be way easier than the rear so I figured an hour or 2 tops and I would be good to go. ten minutes in I hit a stumbling block and...
  7. removing a pillar interior covers

    Interior mods
    i've got some vibration coming from the base of my a pillars that the dealer won't take the time to diagnose or fix.. (after 2 visits). I bought some foam tape and want to correct the problem myself since i don't have the time to keep returning to the dealer just so they can tell me "we don't...
  8. A Pillar Visability?

    Interior mods
    One of the first things I noticed when test driving both the Civic and Elantra was the A Pillar being in the way during left turns. Is that something you get used to? I've never had a "swoopy" car like the new civic (still shopping for a new car), so that's a new thing for me. I realize it...
  9. Rattle coming from front dash

    Interior Problems
    All of a sudden driving the other day out of nowhere I noticed a rattle coming from the front dash. Cant tell if its in the middle or right side just somewhere in between. I popped off the glove box and felt around underneath, took the cabin filter out, felt the air vents, the stereo, etc. and I...
  10. Adding Temp/Oil Gauges

    Interior mods
    Was there an engine temperature gauge anywhere to be seen? Going without it would be a big step back (to the 1950's), IMHO.