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    Can anybody walk me through wiring a Pioneer double din with maestro? I’m almost positive I wired everything correctly but have no power. I think it’s because I didn’t plug some things into the factory wiring harness but almost no information is around for this topic. Any help would be appreciated!!
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    Hi all! I have fitted an aftermarket 2DIN audio head unit (Pioneer AVH x8700BT) and to enable steering wheel control, I connected it with Connects2 interface. Everything works well, except that Audio Off notification on the iMid, that really bothers me. Like most of, I'm using Connects2...
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    Hello all, I installed a new headunit in my 2013 civic lx about 4 months back.. Now, every time I turn my car on, my I-Mid goes into diagnostic mode, and to get it out, I have to press and hold the menu and source button for about 10 seconds.. has anyone else faced this problem yet??
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    Hey everyone I have kind of a difficult problem going on with my aftermarket stereo. I have literally had this radio in my car for just over a year (pioneer's warranty is one year) and last week I went on a trip and left my car at home. We came home after our trip I got in my car and all this...
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    Ok guys so I remember awhile back in 2012 somebody posted up about Pioneer coming out with a head unit. They said would practically plug and play with the stock wiring in the car. Does anybody recall which head unit that was? I recall it looking like this. Edit: I mean it's supposed to keep...
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    I'm looking at replacing the head unit in my '12 LX sedan as I think it might just be enough to satisfy what i'm looking for. Still keeping stock speakers (for now), but I think the extra power, cleaner sound, and 5 EQ bands should be a nice upgrade. Just double checking some things: 1. I know...
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    I was wondering if you turn on the radio or listen to music from a USB flash drive on an aftermarket Pioneer HD radio while the car is off, will it drain the battery? I mean if you listened to it for 1 hour would it be bad? How long could you do it. It says in the manual not to do it but I...
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    I'm hours away and should have posted this a few days ago! But any feedback on this thing is greatly appreciated.
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    I have a 2012 Honda Civic LX and want to install a PIONEER AVHP3300BT, but don't really know what wires that would be necessary. I found a kit on ebay for the installation and was wondering if anyone could verify that it would work in my unit. Thanks! PIONEER AVHP3300BT AVH-P3300BT - In-Dash...
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    Would love to see this installed in a 9th gen Civic. Pioneer's laser-projected car HUD lets you drive like RoboCop | The Verge [/FONT][/COLOR]
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    Guys I'm coming from an 08 EX to an 12 Si Coupe. I removed my avic d3 with my sirrius addon and bluetooth addon and plan on putting this in my Si. Does anyone have pictures of this done already? What about the dash kit? Where am I able to find this.
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    Ok.. So i bought an Lx Obviously no NAV.... I bought an avh 2300 but there are no kits out yet.. My question is... If I were remove my stock non NAV radio and buy the panel/ the plastic that surrounds the stock navigation radio and the stock brackets that hold the NAV do you guys think i would...
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    Has anyone seen one? I am thinking of getting an AVIC z130, but haven't been able find out a few things. Is there a module that will still make the on-board mpg screen work? Steering wheel controls? Has anyone installed anything like this yet? Pictures? PS... Why isn't there an Audio/Video...
1-13 of 14 Results