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  1. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey guys, I'm going to vinyl wrap my car this Saturday. Stay tuned for pics. :wigglesmiley:
  2. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey - I wanted to share a few upgrades that I have made recently. Here is the list -Blacked out emblems (besides Si) -Blacked out wheels (plastidip) -Removed factory pin stripe -Invidia Q300 exhaust -K&N SRI -Installed JL 13W7 and JL750HD -12 sheets sound deadener -15% tint What do you all...
  3. Exterior Styling
    Has anyone tried to plasti dip their roof? I have a coupe that came with the sunroof visor... Once I took it off it left scratches from the visor... Now Im debating on whether or not I should dip the roof black (Mine SI is red). Just wondering how you tape it off correctly.
  4. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Decided to try out DYC's Anthracite Plastidip on the rear badges and chrome piece on my PMM Civic. First I dipped just the chrome piece black just to see how it'll look. Then dipped the badges then added Anthracite on the chrome piece. I did remove the trunk piece for easier coverage...
  5. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    PlastiDipped my 2012 Civic EX Grille. PlastiDip works great! Well worth it! 6 Coats in total.. Used less than 1 full can. Sorry for the upside down pictures, not sure why that happened.. Were right side up on computer.. Prep Light 1st Coat 2nd Coat 3rd Coat 4th Coat 5th Coat 6th...
  6. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    De-chromed the back of my '13 Si! I'm really happy with the result! The plasti-dip matches the car's color very well. I'm debating to put a coat of glossifier on it or not. Anyways, I plan to do the front tomorrow where the fog lights are and the grill black tomorrow. I'm going to put...
  7. Detailing, Wash & Wax
    How does one do this? I want to PD my wheels and lower rear bumper (a la diffuser). How do you wash plasti-dipped parts? Does it come off easily when it's washed? Is there a special way to wash PDed parts? Thanks in advance.
  8. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    We had a discussion with me wife about plasti dipping her new Honda. I know a guy who runs an auto body shop in Yonkers, NY and I would not have to pay a penny for labor and a car paintining booth. I would have to get a pro kit myself. I want to plastidip the car because for some reason my...
  9. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Hey Guys...I saw someone (can't remember who) on this forum post a picture of their Si with a plasti-dipped bottom/front grill. I thought it looked very nice, except his car was silver and I have the PMM color, so his 'popped' more. Anyways, I'm thinking of doing the same plasti-dip job to my...
  10. Sedan
    Not sure how im feeling about this... might buy a new oem and plastidip it. any tips on removing 3m? pics of front posted later. :P
  11. Stickers, Vinyl, Decals, Plastidip
    Good morning all, Bought some plasti-dip yesterday and intend on doing my wheels tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone has done their badges. i have seen some videos about doing it with the badges still on car. Has anyone done this? Any recommendations? Thanks will post pics when done!
  12. Coupe
    Tried to do the whole spray on Plasti Dip thing. I had never heard of this until I became a Honda owner. I'm wondering about the dipping process, and if it would turn out a little better. Here's a couple pics of the Rustoleum Auto enamel with a couple coats of clear coat over it: And...
  13. Canada
    Hi everyone, I just discovered plastidip and i'm about to do it on my car! I found some black cans at home hardware in canada but now i'm trying to find some blue ones and not the light blue ones but something that would fit nicely with the dashboard lights. The problem is that the...
  14. Sedan
    Thinking if black plastidipping the Honda symbols, si symbols, amd.civic.in black would it look good? Better than type R H's emblems? Sent from my MB865 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  15. Sedan
    Currently i have grill plastidip but i feel like a wrap would look a bit nicer or just thinking of maybe redoing it, or should i do the carbon fiber wrap? What do you all think?
  16. Wheels and Tires
    Should I peel off the dip? Or leave it on. I've been torn between the two for several months now. WHAT TO DO!?!?!?
  17. Wheels and Tires
    I am going to plasti dip my rims on my EX-L Alabaster Silver Metallic and I am trying to decide between "Gunmetal Grey" and "Black". I still have the stock EX rims. I have also dipped the back and front emblems and the front grill in "black". What do you guys think?
1-19 of 25 Results