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  1. General Maintenance
    I can’t find a tensioner cover plate that states it fits a k24z7. Does anyone know of one and if so can ya post a link? thanks!
  2. New Member Introductions
    hey everyone!! I am so happy to be here. I have always bought Civics but never an Si! I always wanted one but could never afford one. While today i bought a 2015 Civic Si Coupe and im so happy. I haven't slept since i brought it home and found this forum searching for Civic related information...
  3. Sedan
    Hey guys. Does anyone know how to remove that piece above the license plate (on the trunk) that houses the light fixture? It's also the piece that the rear end 'H' emblem is mounted to (shown in the pic below). Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Coupe
    Just curious to what the general consensus of putting a german license plate on a japanese car, like the Si? :p haha. I had a german plate on my 335i, which I don't have anymore, so I have the plate just lying around lol. Or would a japanese plate be less tacky? Haha.
  5. Exterior
    My trunk and license plate led light stopped working and I looked in the owners manual and can't find the location of those fuses. Does anyone know the location/number of the trunk and license plate fuses?
  6. Sedan
    I bought a license plate of amazon that come with an outside trim around the cover it self and i am unable to screw it in given the length of the current screw... Does any one the size or type of screws we have in the 2012 civic (sedan ex if it makes a diff) ? I would like to buy a bit longer so...
  7. Coupe
    So I flipped my license plate today. I'm not sure how I feel about it. Any opinions?
  8. South
    I was following a red Camero yesterday. Its Texas license plates were jet flat black with red characters that matched the car's paint perfectly. Looked pretty slick but I sure don't understand how a LEO could ever call in the plate number. It was not very legible.
  9. Coupe
    Hey, Im just wondering if they make them yet for out cars? I have a coupe. Thanks, Rob
  10. Coupe
    So as you can see in the picture, sobs from the dealer drilled the frame onto my bumper and I had to leave the plastic background for my tilted style frame :( what do you think? do-a-ble or put it back to normal?
  11. Coupe
    Upload funny/weird/whattheheck kinda license plate numbers. Here are some that were saved on my phone. Sigh.. Flordians.
  12. Exterior
    Hi i just got my si a week ago and im looking to do some simple first mods. I looked around a little and didnt find the answer i was looking for. Im looking to convert my license plate bulb to LED. Ive done them in all of my other cars and ive never been satisfied with the outcome. I want them...
  13. Sedan
    Hey guys, so like I have been trying to look for these and was wondering if maybe any of you have this and would be willing to sell? Or if you can give me a link as to where to order these? Thank you! Here is the link: FL License Plate frame! "Get Mad!, I <3 Driving Slow" - Club Lexus Forums...
  14. Coupe
    My girlfriend just picked up a "used" 2012 Ex coupe (only has 3000 miles) . We live in Ohio and still have the stupid requirement for a front license plate. I have never put a front plate on any of my cars and have only gotten a ticket once in 14 years because of it. Anyway, my girlfriend...
  15. Coupe
    Any ideas where I might can find a rubber trim to go over and around the edge of my new plates? The rear plate is mighty close to the paint. I can see it scratching it all up when I go to close the trunk. I have a habit of pushing on the plate as not to touch the car after washing it to avoid...
  16. Coupe
    I am thinking about getting a customized license plate. 1. CIVIC SI 2. K24Z7 SI 3. VTEC CAR 4. SI FTW 5. HONDA SI 6. JDM FTW 7. JDM CIVIC 8. 2012 SI 9. 9TH CIVIC 10. 9TH SI Which one do you think the best? Or any suggestion?
  17. Coupe
    So my plates just came in today. So I decided to make a small and simple mod to the car. I just threw on my old license plate frame for now until I get some other ones. What you guys think?
  18. Exterior
    Hi All, New owner of a 2012 civic EX here. I have a questions on the license plate lighting on the EX. Is it normal to have a hole where the bulb is? I drive a 97 honda accord before and it would be flush the the trunk lip where the light is suppose to be. This civic seems weird to have no...
  19. Lighting
    Ok so just got these in yesterday from ijdmtoy and had time today to install. I purchased a direct fit led interior kit with the 5 led shine lights for trunk and license plate. For the map lights I used a small flathead screwdriver. I went in from the middle making sure not to break the...
1-20 of 50 Results