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  1. Coupe
    Post up some cool license plate frames...I'm looking for a nice one and can't seem to find any good ones. I'm looking for a JDM/import/tuning kind of theme.
  2. Coupe
    Nothing much just wanted to show these :) This is before... And After!! You can see the accord below the Si emblem :D Lemme know whatcha think :D Post your up too :D
  3. Exterior
    Very eazy to install, but size of emblem light is still a probelm :screwy::( Sent from my LT26i using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  4. Sedan
    i was wondering if the re locator this site was selling would fit a 4d SI Password:JDM License Plate Re-Locator V.2 | Password JDM or if you guys had any other opinion on better looking re locators or any input at all THANKS!!
  5. Exterior
    Finally Got My LED License Plate Bulb For My Si. Just a $10 Autozone speed shop bulb. Looks Great. Hope i don't get pulled over.
  6. Coupe
    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has relocated their front license plate(ex. to the side). If so, can you post pics of how it came out and how exactly you guys did it...im thinking of doing it tomorrow, but i would like some input from those who have attempted it already. I'd rather...
  7. California
    Just got my car yesterday, can I take off my front license plates brackets for now until I get my plates. California
  8. Appearance and Body Modifications
    Hey guys! I've been getting a lot of e-mails asking about when I'd get the license plate frames back in stock. Well, they're back in stock! We re-stocked the original powder coat texture black finish, and we've also got a new Gunmetal gloss finish! Both are extremely durable and look great...
  9. Mid-West
    Just curious for those of you who refuse to put a front plate on, whats the worse you got from the local law enforcement? if you could state your area/city
  10. Drivetrain Problems
    Rolled 1100 miles with my christmas road trip, and girlfriend had the radio down so we could "talk", lovely trip, but I noticed after driving for about 3 hours and getting off the interstate, the clutch was kind of squeeky. Anybody else notice their clutch making noise? It still grabs fine...
  11. Interior
    Finished the install of the interior leds. I got 6 15" blue led light bars. 2 under the dash, 2 under the front seats, and 2 under the front seats facing the back. Also I put leds in the dome lights and a bright white led in the license plate light.
  12. New Member Introductions
    Hi looking at possibly getting a 2012 Civic and thought that I would check this site out to see what others like or don't like about their civics as well as maybe some things to avoid getting b/c they just aren't worth the money. I currently own a 2001 Civic that has 174,000 miles on it which I...
  13. Exterior
    Hey guys I just put on in, and its kinda dim, but i think i like it like that. does anybody have pictures of the kplayground ones or collegehills one so i can compare? thanks!
  14. Exterior
    Which type of bulb? Where can I get this bulb?
  15. California
    i was wondering if it's a california law to have the front license plate attached to the front bumper. if not i would want to remove mine and just keep it on the dash. i've seen a lot of cars without it on the front bumper too, so i'm just wondering.
  16. Exterior
    2x T10 194 168 W5W 5-SMD Car Side Wedge LED Light White | eBay I was looking at getting these but what happens when you wash your car? they look exposed.
  17. Exterior Styling
    For you guys that are required by law to run a front plate but would like the looks of no plate for shows, meets and show & shines I made a system for my TL that I will be doing on the Civic too. Here are some pix and a link to the DIY ... this can be done on most cars. Plate up Plate...
  18. Exterior Styling
    Hi all, just wanted to share how I relocated my front plate holder. I basically zip tied the lower two bolt holes to the honeycomb grill part and then used black double sided loop fastners(like the type you use for the ez-pass, but black instead of white) where the hole is to screw into the...
  19. Sedan
    Well, I was cleaning the storage room and I found out that I still had these and never did used them. So I thought I could use it for my FB6 but after test fitting, it's a no-no. I couldn't use the Mugen bolts so I thought I could get away with the stock screws with the Mugen washers but nah, it...
  20. Sedan
    how the heck do I take this thing off?? i cant get my wrineches to fit in under it. do i have to pay a dealer to remove it??