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  1. Exterior
    Alright this requires no pics, and im not sure if it works the same for the 4dr. but on the coupe its very simple. Step 1: OPEN THE TRUNK!:wigglesmiley: Step 2: look under the trunk you'll see where the assembly of the bulb is. you'll the grey part of it, just squeeze the sides of it and...
  2. Interior
    Hey guys! So i just bought a '12 Civic LX with manual transmission. its so nice and im loving it so far. I noticed there is an ambient lighting kit. are these available at dealerships? will they install for me? what will the project cost me? and will it void my warranty? I also wanted to know...
  3. Kplayground
    9th Gen Civic LED Interior/ Trunk/ License plate/ DRL and Fog lights Lighting!! PM if interested!!Interior LED front and rear dome Light Trunk LED LightLicense plate LED LightDRL LED Light
  4. Sedan
    Are we able to put a different license plate frame on a leased vehicle? I went with a leased vehicle so I can change my car every year or so. Just want to make sure before I buy one. Sorry if it is a dumb question but would rather not get charged a penalty.
  5. Exterior
    And also adding in blue leds for Map and dome lights
  6. Sedan
    Starting this thread up to see if it will motivate some vendors/fabricators to make this for us. It was always available to me when I used to mess with BMW's and always made my cars look extra clean. Vote now if you would like someone to make us some body colored license plate frames and...
  7. Exterior
    Hey guys, does anyone know what type of bulb type is used for the lisence plate area?? Maybe the owners can help out lol..thanks:)
  8. Exterior
    Hi everyone, I just pick this up in Canadian Tire. What different about this plate cover is it was installed at the BACK of mine license plate not the front. So once it turn on, it had a blue glow effect at the EDGE of my plate. I still have 2 WHITE lights in the front. Below is the...