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  1. South
    I just registered for these new plates since it matches the car so much better. Just FYI for those who know. The Texas Classic Introduced in July 2012, "The Texas Classic" is designed to provide Texans the highest public safety protection. It is the first license plate in the country to...
  2. Canada
    How do you like dem plates!?
  3. Sedan
    Just showing off my custom plates and the relocation thats all. Chime in if you wish. Texas has alot of different styles of plates to choose from but i made my own, shhh dont tell anybody, you cant see it in the picture but i have Kidpunk in the plates from Kidrobot! Its a darker grey. Plus i...
  4. Drivetrain Problems
    Rolled 1100 miles with my christmas road trip, and girlfriend had the radio down so we could "talk", lovely trip, but I noticed after driving for about 3 hours and getting off the interstate, the clutch was kind of squeeky. Anybody else notice their clutch making noise? It still grabs fine...
  5. Interior mods
    9th gen door sills....HELP Does anybody here heard anything re door sills for our rides? i check various website, i.e. (amazon.com, inline4.com and bestjdm.com) they only have door sills for 8thgen. I wonder if this would fit? Thanks in advance for help.:haysmiley:
1-5 of 5 Results