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  1. Automatic transmission owners (2013...& 2012 perhaps?) Does your shifter have play?

    Drivetrain Problems
    Automatic transmission owners (2013...& 2012 perhaps?) Does your shifter have play? Hello 2013 civic owners with automatics. Perhaps any 2012 can contribute too. Does your shifter have some play if you were to wiggle it left and right? Or is it rock solid? Mine moves maybe about 1mm in...
  2. Plug and Play Injector Clips!

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    **UPDATED On 2/2/14** Erkon just informed me that companies are now mass producing aftermarket male connector clips for our 9th gen. connectorsfast.com can now make the plug & play clips for $12.95 each! Connectors Fast Info: Alex (866) 568- 3617 www.connectorsfast.com They are located in...
  3. injectors plug and play clips=NEED 100 PEOPLE GROUP BUY!!!!!!!!!

    Vendor Deals
    I talked to raywire about si injector clips pnp and they said if I can get 100 people they will order clips for us.... so who's down?????? info from them Ill tell you what, if you can get 100 people together, I will purchase the plugs necessary, thanks! -Ryan
  4. Injector Plug and Play Clips HELP!

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    I'm currently buying all the parts I will need to do the RBC swap. Instead of cutting my wire harness I would like to make plug and play injector clips like the ones below. I was told those will only fit a 06-11 Honda Civic Si. I already have the clips for the RDX Injectors. Where can I find...
  5. Plug and play for 2012 Sedan LX

    College Hills Honda
    What can we just plug in and use on the LX Sedan simply by just buying the parts? For example, Remote Start and Fog Lights should just plug in right? What about the Temp. Sensor on the EX models? The center console power supply? The door/off switch for the maplights? Please if you know...
  6. Stock radio won't play blank cd-r

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    New member, bought my civic in June going to post pics soon. I bought some TDK CD-R's and it won't play on my Civic LX Sedan. Plays fine on other devices, I googled and found older models of civic have the same problem in there respective forums with there gen, but is there a compatibility list...
  7. USB play "skips"

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I hit a couple of bumps today that may my USB play skip like an old CD player. It appears to me the connection was lost temporarily like there was a loose wire or connector aggravated by hitting the bump. Player came back unlike the frozen iPod connection we've had discussed on this forum...
  8. Navi Hacks? USB random play - not so random.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I have two questions/issues with the Navi/radio... 1. Does anybody know of a hack to disable the "Warning and OK" page every time the car starts? I always want the Navi to turn on, but it gets annoying to keep pressing that OK button. 2. Anybody using the USB port to play tunes, do you find...
  9. can we play dvds on the nav screen?

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi, is there any way i can play dvds on my nav system? I was told that there is a hack or electrical adjustment that can be done to make it happen.
  10. Problems with Bluetooth Music - Won't Play Next Song

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi guys, I've been happy with playing music over BTA until recently. At first, I could easily use the steering wheel controls to skip to the next or previous song, but this no longer works. After one song finishes, the next starts playing on my phone's music player, but will not play over...
  11. iPhone: Music won't play via USB if Bluetooth is on

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hi ! I just had my new 2012 LX and I just love my new civic. I only have one problem... When my bluetooth is on, and my iPhone is connected with the i-mid system, I'm unable to listen to music via USB port. In fact, i-mid recognize the iPhone, i see the files, i can move from one to another and...