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  1. New Member Introductions
    Whats up, First post here. I have a nice 1300 bux to put into my new 12 white si coupe right quick and am stuck on what to spend it on. I already think the car is quick of the showroom floor but leaves a bit to be desired. Fun factor is still high for me coming from a 01 f150 for 5 years. I...
  2. New Member Introductions
    hi new member here, today i got my first car for new years, its the black honda civic coupe. I was wondering what tint % should I tint my windows? any one here have a black honda civic lx coupe 2012 thats tinted? pictures? :)
  3. Import DPS
    We recently tested a the Takeda Momentum Series Intake on our in house 2012 Civic Si. The car was stock, unmolested and we got some really good gains out this system. Installation was very easy and it added some extra kick to the butt dyno as well. Import DPS doesn't sell parts we...
  4. New Member Introductions
    Hi I'm from Houston Texas I'm not new to the Honda game iv had twin 2002 civics ex (his and hers) and a 2007 Element and last yr I picked up a 1995 civic dx. then one rainy day two yrs ago on the way to work I hydroplaned in to a wall and my EM2 was totaled I loved that car. so then the...
  5. New Member Introductions
    Hi all my name is Shawn. I've been reading posts for some time as I have been researching a new car purchase. I had planned to purchase a civic SI some time around September 2013. Then in oct 2012 my current vehicle had a major failure and I decided not to invest the money to fix it. So now I...
  6. Intakes and TB Spacers
    Just out of curiosity I want to compare my SRI that I have wrapped up in DEI gold to what other people are getting. At a long stop idling I get roughly 25-30 F above outside, from low speed to hwy speeds I get 20-10 F above outside. Thanks!
  7. Sedan
    Not sure how im feeling about this... might buy a new oem and plastidip it. any tips on removing 3m? pics of front posted later. :P
  8. ECU Tuning
    As the title denotes, I was just curious if any of you horsepower junkies had upcoming plans to do dyno pulls after your FP tune? This FP release has me so giddy to see people extract the true potential of their gains!! :wigglesmiley: Definitely interested to see what parts actually make the...
  9. 9th Gen Civic General Chat
    Post your names! Will update the list! AlienPrime (8327, moved on to greener pastures) Bluestar (no one really knows, quasi-retired) Digger (9667, MIA since 07/26/2013) FooBird (7828) Skrub (6068) Talon (2502, inactive since 09/30/2013) scottyrocks (13615) bradensullivan (3697) Roadcourse...
  10. Intakes and TB Spacers
    So I was lucky enough to have my car be the K&N video installation car for the k&N typhoon system. The production team at.powertv were awesome. Little did I know I would get so much more. I got to keep the system as well as have my car dyno'd before and after. Sweet right. Gains were 5hp and...
  11. Suspension & Brakes
    Lowered on 19''s . Love to see what y'all got.:)
  12. Pictures and Images
    Just wanted to start a thread like this! Just bought my winter beater today :) It's a 2001 Subaru Forester It's like one of the nicer models, so i plan to mod it out a bit make it look like a rally car :) Will post pics when i get it :D In the meantime! Everyone else post your winter beaters :D
  13. Pictures and Images
    Just want to see what peoples FA1's look like. Post pics of em. Looking forward to see some nice cars. Thnx Sent from my SCH-I500 using AutoGuide.Com Free App
  14. Interior
    So one of the first things I set out to do when I got my Civic a month ago was to do some easy and relatively inexpensive add-ons. I hesitate to call them mods because they're nothing special, really, but they step it up a notch to me anyway. First thought was to switch out as many bulbs as I...
  15. Exterior
    Anyone with any underglow lights on their civics post pics here I wouldn't mind seeing how they look.
  16. Video Room
    I might be the lone wolf but here but I regularly search for vids on youtube relating to my interest in the 9th gen Civics, and those of years past. I hadn't yet seen a thread centered around each person's youtube vids of thier cars so I thought I'd start one here. I'm always searching for...
  17. Exterior
    Ive got 8000k's on my cbr and like them but am running LED DRL's and wanted to see if DDM's 6000k matched the DRL's better. My cousin just recently installed a 6000k volt kit in his and it was just too white and boring. Im not looking for a ricey blue but something more like my LED's. post up...
  18. Audio/Video & Navigation
    CRAPALANDIA Electra Warehouse‎ 1500 South Central Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90021 (866) 709-6575 electrawarehouse.com‎ Never Shop To this Store They Will RIP you off..... Its funny how the fatty was trying to sell me 4 pieces of 2 gauge ring terminal for 12 bucks and it suppose to come in...
  19. Sedan
    Been thinking of doing some interior and exterior changes to my black 2012 civic si sedan. Wondering what mods you all have done and plan on doing. My list is as follows: 1. looking into getting wing spoiler for the sedan to add a sportier look and so it doesn't just look so plain. (not sure if...
  20. Wheels and Tires
    CAn people Post "Polish Metal Metallic" with wheels, need help picking color Idk what color wheels i should get. Either : WHITE, CHROME, BLACK, BLACK WITH CHROME LIP THanks for the help
1-20 of 31 Results