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  1. Hondata help.. unknown vehicle error message

    ECU Tuning
    so I got my basemap from vit and I downloaded the latest version of flashpro manager and when I went to upload the tune to the flashpro I get a error message that says I cant the vehicle is unknown. I also cant upload any basemaps either this is the first time it happened. I asked vit how to fix...
  2. Pioneer AVH-x4500bt problem

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey everyone I have kind of a difficult problem going on with my aftermarket stereo. I have literally had this radio in my car for just over a year (pioneer's warranty is one year) and last week I went on a trip and left my car at home. We came home after our trip I got in my car and all this...
  3. Rain-X Problems/Questions

    Detailing, Wash & Wax
    Hi guys, I dont know what it is on my SI but when I do Rain-X it leaves "oily blueish" strecks. Now I know all the common problems, not letting it dry enough and so forth but I am thinking there is more to this problem. I have never had this kind of problem before on any other cars and I just...