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  1. Panel clock not updating after battery change.

    Interior Problems
    My battery was failing on my 2015 honda civic ex. I swapped it out and everything was working fine until I noticed my clock kept on going to back to the time I set it after every start. For example, if I set the clock to 3:01 it will keep updating up to time as long as the car remains on. But...
  2. Hands free microphone problems

    Interior Problems
    Hey all, I have a 2012 Civic EXL and I have a problem that seems to be progressively getting worse. I purchased my car as a certified preowned, but I'm pretty sure my warranty for interior issues has expired (15k miles?). My hands free system's microphone seems to be having issues. My girlfriend...
  3. Usb problems from day one!!!!!

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    So I know someone is going to come out and say just look it up and I have no one has actually helped me with my problem and I have tried them all. But here's my problem. Since I got the car a year ago I have never been able to get about 4 usbs to make a connection all I get is unsupported. I've...
  4. PRL RBC swap problems??

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    I just put the prl rbc manifold on and I know this sounds weird but my heater won't work on defrost?? And also the car feels like it has no balls at all. Also at about 45-50mph im feeling a hesitation. Now I already have a p0171 which is a bank 1 system to lean but I had the same code after I...
  5. Having problems istalling aFe intake.

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So im having trouble getting the box to line up correctly. One of the rear rubber feet will sit but not the other. Also the front rubber grommet, i forget how it sat. Does the rubber piece sit on top of the mounting tab or below it? Also is the rubber side up or metal side up? I will post pics...
  6. Heat problems?

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    So a couple people I have talked to have been having some heat issues. My car has done it a few times but only on cold days. What is happening, is that the heat takes a long time to warm up, then once your driving and it has started to blow hot, you come to a stop light and it starts blowing...
  7. I Mid problems! (imid: no distance & mpg simultaneously)

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    I can't get I mid to show me distance and mpg on one screen . I see so many videos of others doing this . I can get it to show distance by itself and mpg by its self and that's it . I can't even get my wall papers to load . I need some help here . I did read the manual over and over . It would...
  8. creaking in driver side rear, and headlight alignment

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey guys, sorry I've been off the map for awhile, i got married and i have been trying to get use to that. Anyways i have been wanting to post a few mechanical problems that i have been having. So my wife and i have moved to a house where there is a pretty big dip in between the street and the...
  9. Si axle problems??

    Drivetrain Problems
    Hey. I've had my Si for a year now with 8500 mile. Have noticed seems like a slight shimmy in steering wheel turning to the right. Felt like there is some play in right inner axle too near the interm, shaft. Anyone else have a similar issue?? Will take it to the dealer soon.Thanks Mike
  10. PLEASE Report Problems to Honda

    If, or when, you have any sort of problem with your car, please take the time to report it to Honda. Honda keeps a data base of all reported problems. When a problem gets to a certain number they look into it seriously and work on a fix. Then they send the proper fix information out to all...
  11. dash problems

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    having an issue with the range/average fuel/and odometer cluster going blank and then flashing. Has anyone else had or heard of this issue?
  12. Sunroof Issues

    Exterior Problems
    Hey guys, Have any of you had issues with your sunroof? I recently have noticed that the automatic one touch feature is not working. I have realized that it usually happens when my car is out in the sun on a hot day and once it cools down it seems to go back to working. I'm not completely sure...
  13. Injen Intake causing problems with my MAF and vtech solenoid?

    Intakes and TB Spacers
    I know people have touched base on this before, but here it goes... i bought a 2012 civic Si and i bought the Injen intake for it. I installed the Injen intake, install went great no problems there. i had the intake in for about 3 to 4 weeks and the i started having problems with my car. it...
  14. oil seeping from the timing chain cover

    Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    So here is an interesting tid bit and I'm wonding if anyone else has noticed this.. last night my bf and I were painting my calipers red so naturally we took the wheels off. When removing the front passenger tire my bf noticed that there was oil all over the control arm and other parts in that...
  15. Need help, overheat problems after reflash?

    ECU Tuning
    ok so i drove my car today for the first time since the reflash, and I let it idle for like 15 min then i drove it like a mile down the road and the overheat light came on. I stopped for like 15 min then continued to drive it home which was like 4 miles away. As i started driving again it came...
  16. Custom Exhaust Problems

    Exhausts and Downpipes
    So i had taken a 2009 si greddy ti-s and cut the gasket off of the 2012 si old exhaust becaus ethere is a change with the gaskets. Upon doing this i fit the exhaust and welded the piping and everything was solid. Now the exhaust was fine and there was no problems until my check engine light came...
  17. Problems with my wire harness after installing an aftermarket head unit.

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey everyone, Ran into a problem the other day when hooking up my new head unit. Everything works as it should except the dimmer. I picked up an 08 accord harness which was recommended for the project form multiple sources. I hooked up the wire on both harnesses labeled "dimmer" but it doesn't...
  18. iPod iOS 5.1 Problems Playing Music

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    has anyone been able to play music from their ipod or iphone running the latest iOS 5.1 firmware? i kept getting "Unsupported" message when i plugged it in through the USB port. message kept coming up on iMID display. Any ideas?
  19. HFP lip kit problems!!

    hey guys my HFP lip kit that was installed from factory started to peal away so i took it to the dealer for warrenty they told me they are having problems with the skirts coming off and are currently in the process of fixing the problem and told me to wait before i get it fixed just till they...
  20. Correct wheels and tires measures to avoid problems

    Wheels and Tires
    Hi there I was wondering if anyone could tell me what is the right specifications of wheel (including off set) for 17" and 18" and tires size to avoid problems like rub and things like that