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  1. Engine, Engine Swaps, Pulleys, Injectors
    Not sure if anyone else has had this happen... The rockers in these motors are a little different than normal k20 vtec rockers, they are aluminum and i broke one... Notice the spring laying in the head in the next pic notice the pin hanging out the side of the rocker, hitting the cam...
  2. Honda & Civic News
    Honda is putting $220 million into the Anna, OH powertrain facility and adding 200 jobs. Honda to add 200 jobs at Ohio factory, part of $220M investment - Toledo Blade I'm guessing this is where the new CVT transaxle for the Civic is going to come from.
  3. Intakes and Spacers
    First off, I would like to state that ART is an excellent company, and they make great products and have excellent service. Here are the results. Gains were as high as 8hp and about 8ft/lbs through some of the RPM range, with overall max gain of 1.5hp and 3.5ft/lbs. Also learned that...
  4. Sedan
    I don't know how many they are making for 2012 but it seems to me after just one year and the body style is changing for 2013 this car will be a collectors item in about 20 years
  5. Honda & Civic News
    I am starting this thread to inform everybody when we are producing SI`s at HCM. Hopefully this will be helpful to people that are waiting for their SI`s like myself. When I ordered mine, my order went to the back of the line, it`s anybodys guess when it will roll by. Tonight we built one lot...
  6. Honda & Civic News
    TORONTO - Honda says the floods in Thailand will continue to have an effect on its operations in North America. The automaker has extended its temporary production adjustments until Nov. 30 as some of its suppliers continue to grapple with the production of parts. Honda says it will scale back...
  7. Honda & Civic News
    We had a meeting this morning to break the bad news, just as we were up to 100% production and starting overtime. After seeing some photos they showed of our Honda Plant and a parts supplier plant under 4 feet of water there isn't much I can complain about, things could be worse, we could be...
  8. Honda & Civic News
    The flood in Thailand might slow down production at Honda. There is rumors nothing confirmed yet that Toyota has already cut production and if this is true Honda will more than likely do the same same considering Honda has more parts built in Thailand compared to Toyota.
  9. Honda & Civic News
    Honda Auto Plant in Indiana Begins Second Shift of Production - MarketWatch We are back to full production in Alliston, Ontario as well, you should start seeing some good inventory levels at dealers very soon!
  10. General Maintenance
    Where was your cars final assembly done at? I'm curious to see how many of the new Civics are coming from which assembly plant. Ours came from the Canada plant and I'm in FL. Did yours come from Canada or Indiana? (For those that may not know where to look, either your window sticker or inside...
  11. Honda & Civic News
    Honda doubling workforce at Greensburg plant - 13 WTHR Doubling Workforce.:woowoo:
  12. Honda & Civic News
    Honda update on Production Honda Media Newsroom - Headlines - Honda North American Production to Reach 100% in August for Most Models Except the Civic ...Production of the all-new 2012 Civic lineup will continue at a reduced rate of approximately 50 percent due to the limited supply of key...
  13. Honda & Civic News
    Honda expects a production increase in July and August, and said the worst effects of the March 11 earthquake are now behind it. According to John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda in a memo written to dealers yesterday, Honda has more CR-Vs, Pilots and Fits in stock now than...
  14. Honda & Civic News
    Due to continuing parts supply problems from Japan, in the wake of the Earthquake and Tsunami; Honda has announced that it is cutting back production of vehicles in North America. Honda, whose Tochigi operations were badly hampered by the quake; has said that while some of its part suppliers...
  15. Honda & Civic News
    so nothing really new, just that Honda has confirmed the american verison civic will not be effected by the closure of the Japan plants......:woowoo: Nissan GT-R, Honda Fit Inventories in Good Shape for U.S. Despite Earthquake
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