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  1. Exterior
    I want to get new headlights that don't have the ugly amber in the turn signal. I've searched the forum and it seems like a lot of people add hids, but I'm really just looking for something that still uses halogen bulbs. Are there any options that use halogen's, or is the only option to...
  2. Exterior
    I was researching for what i need in order to run UAE headlights on my car and I noticed some people got 9006 to h11 harness/adapters. Can someone give me a quick rundown on what it exactly does? Because from my understanding: Stock Headlights use 9006 sized bulbs and the connection that...
  3. Exterior
    Im getting a 2013 kona civic in a week. I was just wondering how I get factory oem projector headlights?
  4. Build Section
    What were you thinking :eyebrows: Decided to start a little build thread, will update as I go along. I still have some substantial plans for this month, so stay tuned! Mod list: 17" HFP Wheels (Will be for sale soon) Eibach Pro Kit Springs UAE OEM Projector Headlights with amber parking...
  5. Exterior
    So is the new 2013 civic's coming with projectors???
  6. Exterior
    hey guys just two quick questions im still new at all this so im sorry if these were answered but i didnt see anything when i searched in the search bar i just bought these fog lights piaa h11 yellow and i didn't see a do it yourself changing of the fog lights so i may make one when i do it but...
  7. Exterior
    Guys take a look at this video, these guys made some good work. I wonder how much it cost.
  8. Exterior
    I know there has been a lot of talk on here about HIDs. Personally, I only want to get them if i can get a proper projector for them. Any word on aftermarket projectors? or when they would be available. Im really not wanting to retrofit my existing headlights.
  9. Exterior
    Hello Everyone, Just had CustomLightz do my retrofit. It is amazing how bright and wide the beam pattern is for s2k projectors, also love the nice blue/purple color of the beam cutoff. Since I don't have another ride, I had scheduled for a same day retrofit. I had a lot of fun hanging out...
  10. Exterior
    so as far as i know, projectors create a cut off point so the light doesn't spread. if we were to buy [email protected]'s or any body else's eyelids, could those sort of be a cheap replacement to projectors?
  11. Exterior
    SPEC-D® - Black Dual CCFL Halo Projector Headlights - 4DR - 2011 Honda Civic Spec-D CCFL Halo Projector Headlights with LED - Spec-D 4LHP-CV064JM-KS I want to have the projector headlights from the link above installed on my 2012 LX sedan, but they are listed for compatibility with the 2011...
  12. Lighting
    Hi Guys & Gals, as more and more people are starting to talk retrofit...i wanted to jump and (hopefully) be the first one to put something together. I am using TRS = The Retrofit Source online: headlight upgrades for all applications. They offer a wide variety of retrofit products, and have...
1-13 of 15 Results