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  1. Questions regarding ECU tuning?

    ECU Tuning
    Direct them straight to forum member CivicSi! He has known people with fast cars and seen dynos before! He has also read an extensive amount of internet articles which explain why dyno tuning is so awesome! It doesn't end there, though. As a person who has known people with fast cars, and as a...
  2. Several Questions About HID's (color/wattage)

    I have had 35w 6000k highs lows and fogs in since I purchased the car...I would kind of like some change 1...Does anyone have 55w installed in their fogs? If so any issues?...(Just wondering) 2...If I wanted to go 55w for my high beams, would I have to go 8000k to match the 6000k 35w? (I know...
  3. Best Winter Tire Brand + Questions

    Wheels and Tires
    Hey guys/gals. I did a search and couldn't find the information I needed so apologies for a potentially redundant post. After driving a few winter snow storms with the stock all-season tires on my 2012 Si coupe, I've decided my life is worth too much to risk crashing my Si because the...
  4. Florida Questions

    Hello everyone, I have a few questions I hope someone will take the time to answer. I currently live in Springfield IL, and I have been watching the job market with my company and have noticed Florida has positions open every once in a while that I can simply transfer into and move. Seeing as...
  5. Hello everyone, new car + xtra money= questions

    Forced Induction And Nitrous
    Hello everyone, I am new on here but have read the forums for quite some time. I recently purchased a 2012 Civic Si and absolutely love it. I came from a heavily modded turbo VW but the civic is a blast for a stock car. Anyway, my car is paid off and I have a few thousand and want to mod it but...
  6. Morimoto HID System vs Xtreme.. And other general HID & fog questions.

    Hi, So I've read through a couple of threads and I've seen a few comments of which systems people prefer. I've narrowed it down between the Morimoto and Xtreme kits. I am relatively noob-ish when it comes to this subject, so I have a few questions. I know I like the true "white" look, aka the 5k...
  7. Modification Questions (Style & Performance)

    Hey guys, I've decided I would like to get some custom stuff put into my car, but I've never done this before. I'm not sure what to buy, who to buy it from, and how to get the best deal for installation. I've got a 2012 Honda Civic Si Sedan, Crystal Black Pearl. I'd like to get the following...
  8. General Questions on Fogs and Springs?

    Alright so I have an ex coupe and for christmas my dad got me fog lights, but I bleieve from ebay, there yellow and when I installed them, there is a slight gap around them and the 2 screws they came with are rusting already. Say i get them from CHH, are they going to have the glossy look of the...
  9. First new car, honda civic 2012 LX coupe black

    New Member Introductions
    hi new member here, today i got my first car for new years, its the black honda civic coupe. I was wondering what tint % should I tint my windows? any one here have a black honda civic lx coupe 2012 thats tinted? pictures? :)
  10. Should I jump on this price?? And a couple other questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hey guys I've been shopping for a new car for the last month. I'm considering the new Focus ST or possibly waiting for the fiesta ST. I went and took a look at a 12 si coupe last week. The dealer agreed to 20900 plus doc and TTL for a white base sedan they would have to trade for. Told them I'd...
  11. Questions for those of you with OEM FOG LIGHTS

    For those of you with OEM Fog Lights: How do you like them? How far do they project, front and side? Are they functional or just look cool - are you happy with them? ...would you prefer something else? Thanks!
  12. Audio questions

    Audio/Video & Navigation
    Hey all, is it possible to hook an amp and a decent set of 6.5" front and rear speakers as well as the 2 tweeters to the factory stereo. Does an amp add to the existing 160 watts coming from the stereo to push the speakers quality/ volume or do things not work that way? I ask because I don't...
  13. Flash Pro Questions

    ECU Tuning
    First things first im new to this this is my first car i dont know shit about this ECU thingy im learning on everything on about my car this ECU and everything else. My first question is does Flash pro give you more hp? Would it still be useful to buy Flash pro with your stock parts? or u really...
  14. First si, some questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hello All Bought my first si this weekend after 10-15 years of boring cars in my life which ended by me trading my Prius for a 2012 White si coupe! It was actually a first in many ways for me because I had never driven manual transmission, but was determined to do it this time around. Im very...
  15. Few quick questions...

    Exterior Problems
    I've read all the other posts and DIY's concerning replacing the horn, but there were a few things I'm still unsure of: 1) I have an EX Coupe; does it have a single horn or dual horns?, 2) Will i have to remove the bumper/ do any mods to fit the '13 Accord horn upgrade kit?, 3) I've seen a few...
  16. ECU? What is it for? and more questions!

    ECU Tuning
    Hello, my 9th gen civic people! I am really noob to modification. What is ECU tuning for? Even with the stock civic si, will it work better? Also, is it fine to get reflash without any turbo equipped or exhaust change? One more is, if I put turbo kits and exhaust on my car, should I have to...
  17. 2 questions

    PRO Car Studio
    i have 2 quick questions 1 i want to buy something off your website today do you have any promo codes available that i could use? 2 i want to purchase the JDM type r 6 speed shift knob so this may be a stupid question but this shift knob is 100% genuine JDM right? thanks :)
  18. HFP Kit (Aftermarket Questions)

    HONDA CIVC 2012 HFP PERFORMANCE: Genuine Honda and Acura Parts | DCHAutomotiveParts.com Worth the money? How much would it cost to pay someone to put it on your car? Can it be added to the 2012 Civic Si Sedan? :wigglesmiley:
  19. Intake and ECU questions

    ECU Tuning
    I am going to buy a Greddy Air Intake system for my 2012 Si-HFP also I am going to do the Hondata ECU reflash. Has anyone done this combination of upgrades? If so what would be the pros/cons?
  20. Potential 9th Gen Owner w/ Questions

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I'm Smudgey, currently a teenage owner of a 2011 KIA Forte (pictured below). The car was a gift from my parents, and I have added some light modifications to it since I received it in June of 2011. While the Forte is nice, I don't like the fact that I only contributed around $900...